Golumpki, Polish Cabbage Rolls

Polish cabbage rolls, also known as golumpki, are, like many "thing wrapped in other things," comforting, easy, versatile and delicious.

Ukrainian Borscht

A classic, beet-based Ukrainian borscht recipe using venison. It's rich in flavor, but not sweet at all.

Polish Bigos Stew

A classic Polish hunter's stew using whatever meats you have handy, from wild game to chicken and pork.

Venison Pierogis

How to make meat-filled pierogis the Polish way. Not an empanada and not a potsticker, it's Eastern Europe's gift to dumplings.

Polish Venison Pot Roast

Old school venison pot roast, Eastern European style. Great with venison neck or shoulder.

Pelmeni and the Eating of Bears

It's spring bear season in many parts of the world. I can think of no better recipe for bear than these pelmeni. No bear? Use any meat.

Wild Mushroom Pierogi

Who doesn't love pierogi? I mean really. Little pockets of goodness, boiled briefly then fried and served with caramelized onions, sour cream and dill? Heaven on a plate. I made these with wild mushrooms, but any mushroom will do.

Smoked Sturgeon

It's sturgeon time here in the West, and whether you catch your own or buy farm-raised fish, smoked sturgeon is one of the great smoked fish of the world. Here's how I make it.

Homemade Polish Kielbasa

Few sausages are as iconic as Polish kielbasa. There are as many variations as there are cooks -- even an official government-approved recipe, which I used as my inspiration. This one is pure smoky awesomeness.

Kabanos, the World’s Greatest Slim Jim

I could eat these all day long. Tangy, smoky and addicting, kabanosy, a Polish smoked meat stick, is what a Slim Jim dreams about when it sleeps at night. You want to make these. Now.

Polish Fermented Mushrooms

I'd always been leery of the Slavic style of salt-pickled mushrooms. But I finally took the plunge and fermented my mushrooms Polish style, and damn but they're good -- especially with some rye bread and lots of vodka...

Goose Stew with Barley and Mushrooms

Snow geese rule the winter skies in Northern California. They are among the hardest birds to hunt -- and are among the most challenging to cook.