British Duck Pie

When life gives you lots of ducks, make a duck pie. This is a British meat pie, filled with lots…

Venison and Kidney Pie

A traditional British steak and kidney pie recipe using venison. I use shanks, shoulder or neck here, because the long cooking makes a better filling.

Deviled Kidneys

A classic British deviled kidneys recipe, made with deer kidneys. I guarantee this will make a kidney lover out of you!

Candied Angelica

Angelica is a giant herb that grows wild all over the cooler areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Candying its hollow stems is a great way to enjoy angelica or lovage.

Deviled Duck Hearts

A quick, easy and tasty way to enjoy the fruits of your waterfowl hunt. Deviled duck hearts are a British thing, and they're hearts, dusted in flour seasoned with mustard and cayenne, cooked quickly and served with a watercress salad. A damn good appetizer or snack.

Classic Walnut Ketchup

Yep. Walnut ketchup. Ketchup used to be a lot more varied than just tomatoes. This is a classic British recipe made with young, green walnuts - black walnuts, here - results in a sauce that tastes astonishingly like A1 steak sauce. Give it a go!

Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower cordial -- really a syrup -- is a classic use for these incredibly aromatic flowers of spring. Use this to make homemade soda, add it to gin, or make it into a sorbet whenever you want to remember the first warm breezes of the year.

Fresh Fried Herring

Sitting in a backwater of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, fruitlessly fishing for sturgeon, my friend and guide R.J. casually mentioned…

Roast Pigeon

I have a thing for pigeons. They are super fun to hunt, and, when you hunt them on rural ranches where the birds eat grain and other wholesome foods, they are fantastic to eat. The British know this, which is why I take my cue from them in this recipe for roast pigeon.

British Venison Meatballs

In the pantheon of meatballs this is one of the best. Going by the unfortunate name "faggots" (or the mystifying "savoury ducks"), these are really just damn good meatballs, delicately spiced and with a bit of liver tossed in.

Homemade British Bangers Sausage

Bangers and mash. Homely as it may be, I love this British classic -- especially when the sausages are homemade. I made these from venison, but you can use pork, beef, or really whatever. Here's how to make them.

Pickled Walnuts

Pickled walnuts? Yep, you read right. Pickled unripe, green walnuts is a British thing that originated because in parts of Britain the climate's too harsh for walnuts to fully ripen. They take a while to make, but once you do, they are a great sweet-sour condiment to cheeses as well as cured and roasted meats.