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4 responses to “Sicilian Tuna Meatballs”

  1. Ryan Sparks

    I am an artisanal butcher and fish monger at a specialty meat store. I make this recipe every week when we get in a tuna loin and I take home the scraps we would normally throw away. A great recipe and a direction I would like to see modern cuisine take- utilizing scraps and “waste” that would normally be tossed out. True skill in the kitchen often involves making something from nothing. Excellent recipe inspired by excellent values.

  2. Justin @ Salt Pepper Skillet

    Hey Hank – So great to read about your fishing story and these tuna meatballs are delicious. Someone just caught a bunch of tuna and gave me some right after you posted this, so it was perfect timing. You can check out my version over at

  3. Sicilian Tuna Meatballs Recipe

    […] of Tuna is never a bad problem to have and I wanted to try something different and had just seen a recipe from Hank Shaw for Tuna Meatballs that looked so delicious and would serve as my inspiration. […]

  4. Deb Alverson

    I took my first tuna trip this summer, off the coast of Washington, and it was a blast! If you want to see tuna jumping into the boat, make a trip out here. We took a 2 day trip (sleep on boat, wake up on tuna grounds, fish all day, sleep on boat, wake up and head home) and the 10 of us landed almost 160 fish in 10 hours. It was so much fun, a lot of work, and I can’t wait to go again next year.

    Thanks for this recipe! I have about 80lbs of tuna left after giving some to friends and look forward to trying this out!

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