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14 responses to “How to Make Verjus”

  1. Chad Carlson

    Do you think a steam juicer would work? I can apple juice this way and it stores for years with no additives. Thanks,


  2. Heidi Dawn

    Hello, I use a steam extractor for making verjus and it works well. I leave the grapes on the stem. I ran across this excellent site while looking for recipes. I’m making verjus today, and was wondering how others are doing it.

  3. Sue

    I also make verjus using a steam juicer – it yields a very fine clear concentrate. I add a pinch of citric or malic acid to taste, then process it in the canner. The heat turns the liquid rosey red, but the taste is unaltered and it keeps for years in the pantry. Refrigerate once opened.

  4. Coco in the Kitchen

    Funny you should post this. I recently got a beautiful shipment of unripe grapes (we call them ghooreh) from Persians/Armenians use them to add tartness to our sauces. Never thought to juice them. Even better!

  5. Kate

    I’m curious about what would happen if the grape seeds do get crushed- will it alter the taste? I would like to try it with my masticating juicer but I’m pretty sure it will crush the seeds.

  6. Bev

    I made verjus for the first time in 2014 using a handblender to break up the grapes. I found that straining though muslin cloth allowed me to squeeze the blended grapes really well and I got much more juice compared to using a seive. My verjus began fermenting after a couple of weeks which improved the flavour (I guess because the wild yeast from the grapes would have used up the tiny amount of sugar in the juice.) After this a larger sediment formed so I decanted and found the resulting liquid to be completely clear and almost colourless, but tasting amazing. Does anyone else find that their verjus ferments?

  7. DD

    I have two big containers of green Concord grapes that I’m going to attempt to make this. I don’t have a food mill or a steam juicer so I’m going to attempt to lightly pulse them in my Vitamix. Hoping that won’t break the seeds. I made about 50 quarts of fresh, whole (yes, seeds, skins and all!) grape juice in it that I put in Ball jars and froze. At the low setting, the seeds didn’t seem to break.

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  9. Kyna

    Is there a certain sugar count (Brix) of grapes?

  10. Asena Nikkel

    What would happen if I just pulsed in my blender? It would get the seeds I’m sure but what will this do to it? Never have made before but we just moved to a house with a TON of grapes and am interested in things i can do with them.

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