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6 responses to “Classic Duck Ragu”

  1. Lou

    There you go! Grazie

  2. Rebecca @ Bring Back Delicious

    Duck fat with duck broth on duck legs. Good lord, I’m pretty sure there’s no chance this recipe couldn’t be amazing. Sadly, duck is a bit hard or expensive (mostly expensive) to come by in LA, but I think I should keep an eye out! Alright, I take that back. I just saw your gnocchi has browned butter and sage in it too. Be right back, going duck hunting…

  3. darren

    don’t suppose you can substitute duck breasts for this recipe?

  4. Ward Horack


    I notice that you often begin your stew dishes with onions, carrots and celery (quite rightly!) but never refer to these as sofrito (or mirepoix).

    Are these term not used in the U.S.?

    Ward Horack

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