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5 responses to “Buttermilk Fried Rabbit”

  1. Ian Joyce

    Hey there Hank – recipe looks fantastic. I’ve been a long time reader, ever since your article on “Lake Erie Perch Chowder” was passed along to me from a fellow Clevelander – really appreciate the positive and honest reporting on the area and its fisheries.

    Anyway, I haven’t done much in the kitchen with rabbit, but was wondering what preparation you’d suggest if I wanted to combine your Pigeon Tortellini recipe with Rabbit? Specifically, would I pan-brown and roast the rabbit or should I braise? And what type of fat would you use with it? Main concern would be drying out the filling…

    Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work! – Ian

  2. Phillip

    I wish I’d had this recipe when I lived in Japatul Valley outside San Diego years ago. Them rabbits came out every night to steal the hay and it would’ve been nice to even things up a bit.

  3. Horsedoctor

    Decimated the local rabbit population this summer to save wife’s garden & haven’t yet started on the ABUNDANT squirrel population both in woods & on the bird feeders, but lots of pheasant breast in freezer so used that. Brined for a couple hours first then into buttermilk marinade overnight. This recipe immediately made my top 10 ways to prepare pheasant!!! Thanks a bunch!

  4. Richard Chartrand

    Hi Hank me and my wife live in French River Ontario Canada, I put some snare about 6 or so and on the next day we got a snowshoe hare, I gut it and got it to sit in the brine and we are gona do the butter milk recipe, it look so good…we will repost the result

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