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9 responses to “Pheasant Breast with Parsley Sauce”

  1. Amanda

    Yeah, I can see why you might think this sauce is worth the effort. It is gorgeous, and it sounds smooth and bright. Now, pheasant…

  2. George

    Finally! Someone comes out and says (nay, recommends) that poultry be eaten without cooking out the moisture! Thank you, Hank! My go-to meal is turkey tenderloin either grilled or seared and served with a slight pink center. We eat raw beef and fish; even domesticated pork can be served at medium. It makes all the difference in the world. Unless you’re in the habit of storing your poultry on the dashboard of your car in the middle of the summer, your concerns and risks are minute. Thanks again…

  3. Quinn

    That sounds lovely, and the presentation is perfect!

  4. tal

    Hank, What parsley did you use? Flat leaf, curly?

  5. Marisa Miller

    Jalapeno leaves. I picked some the other day and made them into a sauce for halibut with just butter and garlic. Outstanding.

  6. Neal Zeller

    Prepped the rec with half flat leaf and cilantro. Remarkable! Thank you.

  7. Chef Mike Ramsey

    I just wanted to add that the best color for your parsley will probably only be a 10 to 12 second blanching time. It is also best to sear with a high smoke point oil such as grapeseed and then add your butter for basting at the end so it does not burn. Cheers!

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