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15 responses to “Pheasant Normandy”

  1. James

    Great idea, I’ve just got myself a couple of partridges so ill try it this week end. Here in the uk there’s a food writer called Diana Henry. In her book “food from plenty” she does a similar dish with apples and cider, I add some stock and pearl barly to it. She also does a variation with ale
    And bacon which is worth checking out. It’s a great book.

  2. Debbie Caldwell

    Oh Thanks. I have been dreaming of a recipe for using my raw milk/cream and my cache of brandy, and you nicely shared yours. Thanks.

  3. Noah


    Would this recipe work for pheasant breasts? I have some in the freezer (used the legs to make pheasant and dumplings). I have a couple of whole birds that I plucked, but have other plans for them.


  4. Angela

    This is one of my husband’s signature dishes and it is truly delicious. Pheasants are quite hard to come by in Provence, but in the UK in the countryside they are very cheap during the pheasant shooting season. We usually eat this at least once during the season, haven’t had it yet, so think it will be on the menu soon!

  5. emilie

    We just happened to have all the ingredients for this in the house….(well, not calvados, but we have a great neighborhood liquor store just around the corner)…it was wonderful! Great start for cooking up my son’s first few pheasants, I hope he has a long life of such tasty eating before him. Thank you!

  6. Stephen

    That’s some darned rustic looking flatware! I like it.

  7. Allan

    Do you leave the skin on the apple slices?

  8. TheFormerVeg

    So would this recipe be doable with pheasant leg confit?

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  10. Adam Knewtson

    Best website ever!
    I’m a farmer and an avid outdoors man who loves to cook.
    This is simply the best site ever.

  11. Andrew Vidal

    Made this today and it was fabulous! Both my little ones mopped up their plates. Amazing flavors!

  12. DonM

    I made this recipe last night and served it with pan fried rosemary potatoes, oven roasted carrots with peas, and a bottle of Albemarle Ciderworks Virginia Hewe’s Crab hard cider. My wife declared it one of the best meals she’s eaten, and who am I to argue? The meal was made even more satisfying by the fact that almost all ingredients were our own.

    Thanks Hank!

  13. Diana Emmons

    I have fallen in love with this website and all the recipes just leave me feeling sooo hungry. I have a friend whose hunting trip yesterday yielded 7 undressed pheasant for my deep freezer. I am looking to use one whole one skinned and am wondering if I can do this recipe with a whole skinned pheasant if cut into pieces?. Would I need to add breast meat last to the pan? Or should I just roast the bird and make a apple/cider gravy for the side?

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