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15 responses to “Fig Jam with Ouzo”

  1. David Price

    I wonder if this would work with our southern Brown Turkey figs…don’t see why not.

  2. Beth

    That sounds abso-flippin-lutely lovely! And this poor Minnesotan is very envious of your “fig problem”

  3. Dee G

    Do you think I could sub Absinthe for the Ouzo? I have a bottle that I extract 5 drops at a time for a cocktail recipe and would be happy to pour off a cup. This looks divine!

  4. Ricardo Rodríguez

    Looks ouzom!

  5. dan

    I have this on the stove right now.can’t stand the bay flavor so I left it out… but I can’t help wondering, what if I add a teaspoon of fennel seeds.

  6. Susan Covey

    This looks great and I love the color. Dan might try putting the fennel seeds in a wire mesh tea ball to cook with the jam. I often infuse jams this way.

  7. Mabry

    You might also try star anise in the jam instead of ouzo. Looks prettier than fennel seeds! This recipe looks fantastic. Just might have to indulge in enough figs to make it!

  8. dan

    I added fennel seeds; they softened quite a bit. You still feel them, but it’s not unpleasant, it’s a burst of ouzo-ness 😉 when you get one.

  9. deana

    I just made an ancient dessert with fennel and rose and apples and absolutely loved it. Who knew? Can’t wait to make this jam… fabulous idea!~~ I can see it with great cheeses in a snap!

  10. Wronknee

    Sorry to hear about your fig problem.
    Betcha rhubarb fig wine would be good.
    How about fig yogurt too?

  11. jane

    i find typical fig jam way too sweet but this recipe looks amazing..i’m looking forward to fig season so i can give it a try..jane

  12. Molly

    Sounds very interesting! Not sure I can find any fresh figs locally still but there is a very neglected bottle of Ouzo here! If I can’t come up with figs, can you suggest a different fruit to pair it with? Before your post I never even thought of making a jam to use it up…you are brilliant! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  13. Celeste

    Lovely recipe—but hurricane Isaac just killed my fig tree, which was laden with unripe fruit.

  14. Guy Balestrieri

    If you do not like anise flavor or Ouzo, I used 3/4 cup Jagermeister and 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar mixed as a substitute for the Ouzo as my wife does not like anise flavor and the spread turned out complex and tasty.

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