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33 responses to “Classic Fish and Chips”

  1. Kevin

    Catfish may be ubiquitous here but IMHO Crappie are superior.

  2. Carter

    Mmmm, fried goodness. There’s nothing like crunching into a thick, crispy finger of fish covered in tartar sauce. I’ve never tried shark fish and chips, but I have a hard time imagining a better piece of fried fish than the lingcod. Moist, mild, firm enough to hold up to the cooking process, but still just flakes apart as you bite into it.

    Do you have a special tartar sauce recipe? I’ve experimented lots, but haven’t found one I love. So many seem to be based upon bread and butter pickles which I just can’t stomach in a tartar sauce.

  3. Bpaul

    If you’re ever in Portland Oregon, we can go to The Horsebrass pub and have fish and chips. My favorite for a long time. I think you’d appreciate them.

  4. Daniel Roloff

    I like using straight PBR and good sour dough pancake mix with a little bit of chipotle pepper powder to give it a kick. I have caught a few sharks in my day, ate a dog fish once and didn’t like it. Do you soak you shark fillets in buttermilk or salt water before you use them?

  5. Paul Navari

    I was lucky enough to get out for some halibut fishing off the Oregon coast this spring. This translated into some of the best fried fish I’ve ever had. Fresh halibut is pretty hard to beat when it comes to fried fish. I did one batch with beer batter and one with panko bread crumbs. Both were great. I even did some barracuda a few years back like this that was awesome.

    With all the halibut I got kind of motivated and made some tartar sauce. I don’t usually like tartar sauce but I liked this. Dill Pickle, garlic spears, sweet onions, extra lemon, green olives, mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

  6. Jim Washburn

    I make French fries often using Joël Robuchon’s method (q.v.), and though they aren’t quite as good as classic twice-fried fries, they sure are easy.

  7. Ingrid @ Jammy Chicken

    The ‘classic’ fish and chips would be with American fries – as American chips are actually British crisps. Confusing fried potato products, but all tasty.

  8. Frank LoRusso

    Hank, I prefer my fish with just a pinch of lemon and a dash of salt and I know you said you don’t like tarter sauce, but please give this one a try. It’s from “Women’s Home Companion Cook Book” circa 1946: 3/4 cup mayo, 3 Tbsp chopped dill pickle, 2 Tbsp chopped capers, 1 Tbsp parsley, 1 Tbsp chopped onion, and 1 Tbsp horseradish. It has converted many a tarter hater, myself included!


  9. martin barker

    Hank, great batter.

    Here is mine. 1 cup s/r flour,1TBS tapioca flour, 1 bottle of pale ale I use cascade or little creatures here, pinch of salt and 2 egg yolks.
    In southern Australia our fish and chip shops use mainly Gummy Shark, as the main fish but you can order from big range of fish.

  10. Tim Wilson

    We make do with bluegill and largemouth bass here in Northern Indiana. As to your comment of making more than you need, I once served a heaping tray of pan-fried fish and fries to my then very young six children. After saying Grace, 12 small hands simultaneously dove for the huge golden brown pile of fried goodness in the center of the table. I did manage to get a couple pieces, but it was pure joy watching the kids indulge themselves! There were no leftovers that night.

  11. Kitty

    Hank, you mention that the type of beer matters. What’s your favorite type?

  12. Bob

    If you make it to Astoria, try the Bow Picker, they do albacore, right up there with halibut

  13. Guy Balestrieri

    Just got back from Loreto Mexico with Fresh Mahi Mahi and Cabria Bass. Will try out the fish and chips recipe with some of the smaller fish fillets and bits. While reading your recipe for the Beer Batter the question arose “What is the difference between Self-Rising Flour and All Purpose?”. I found this site which gave insight: Could make a note that if only have All Purpose Flour to add 1 1/2 tsp.Baking Powder, 1/2 tsp. salt for every 1 cup All Purpose Flour & Sift twice. Although not as good as Self Rising Flour from store it can substitute. Thanks for all the yummy recipes and humorous dish notes.

  14. hodgeman

    Hank…you’ve come through again! I’ve got a cooler full of fresh halibut and rockfish… I’m gonna brave the fryer.

  15. Secret_Ingredient

    This reminds me that I’m still looking for the sauce known as “liquor” that was served with fried eel at English (London?) fish & chip mongers. It may have had malt vinegar as one of the ingredients. Anybody have a clue?

  16. Ross

    Secret_Ingredient if you’re looking for Liquor, you can only really find it in London’s dwindling Pie and Mash shops.

    The Liquors a bit like what you’d have on a fried chicken and mash dinner in the states. It’s a butter, cornflour and chicken stock base, spiked with chopped parsley and some mashed roast garlic.

    In Chippies, you’d usually get your fish and chips with Malt Vinegar or – the grand daddy – ONION JUICE! That stuff is seriously amazing, it’s the pickling brine from the pickled onion jars. It hits the acid notes you need to cut through the fried flavour whilst having some of its own character.

    If you’re in London let me know, I might be able to locate a pie and mash shop near you

  17. WillK

    To the point about soaking dogfish shark meat made earlier, soaking in salt water will only make it salty. As Hank said, quick gutting and icing are key. Any off flavors (none are likely if the fish is handled correctly)can be neutralized with a quick soak in ice water with a bit of lemon juice squeezed in.

  18. Jose

    I get around the pain in the butt aspect of doing good fries
    by nuking the taters with the skins on, then allow them to cool,
    sometimes over night in the fridge if I’m not in a hurry.
    The nuker tends to dry them out a bit, a good thing if you like
    crispy fries. There’s usually enough moisture left so that the
    potatoes will congeal enough for slicing once they have cooled.

    Enjoyed your book.

  19. Dave

    I’ve made a number of trips to Newfoundland, and enjoyed the fish and chips at “Ches’s Fish and Chips” enormously. The thing that Newfoundland adds to the Fish and Chip standard is brown gravy! They pour that stuff all over the chips and on the fish too. I prefer it on the side so I can dip gently, but it’s an amazing thing.

    Hank, if you grew up in Westfield like your sister you may have had F&C at the Chippery in Fanwood. It turns out their F&C were amazing, and ranked up with the best Newfoundland could provide (and vastly superior to any I’ve had in London, UK, which is now a sad and ugly F&C wasteland).

  20. Joe

    What do you do with the leftover oil? Are you able to keep it for any length of time?

  21. J.W. Hamner

    My potatoes came out soggy and my batter didn’t stick. Do you think that is oil temp related? I have different model of the same deep fryer you use, but my last batch of fries was soggy too and I’m wondering whether the thermostat is busted. Should have checked the oil temp with my Thermapen. Based on how seldom I deep fry, what a hassle the thing is to keep clean, and now suspicions of poor performance… whether a deep fryer with an accurate thermometer is really an upgrade to oil in a dutch oven.

  22. J.W. Hamner

    @Hank: Checked this evening and the the temp is off by 30 degrees F (low) according to Thermapen (need to do final check with Thermapen and boiling water). I’ve had it for several years and used it (only once every few months) with no problems, but the last two times I’ve used it have been bad. I guess I’ll have to see if I can recalibrate it or maybe just switch to the dutch oven.

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  24. Ivriniel

    Dave: Fries with gravy is not really a uniquely Newfoundland thing, as you can pretty much get gravy for your fries anywhere in Canada.

    However, Newfoundlanders are about the only people who put stuffing and gravy on top of fries.

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  26. Marcell Timothy

    Woow, never eat shark until now.

    For frying fish, I usually use instant multi-purpose seasoning flour. It is very good for making fried chicken,fish, prawn, squid, tofu, etc. Crispy and savory, no need to add egg and spices anymore.

    Yeah,it is suit for lazy boy like me.

  27. Elizabeth

    This is sooo good!! In the batter I added an egg, a pinch of garlic pepper, and seasoned salt, which gave it a better flavor and texture. 10/10 would recommend!

  28. Charles Lightfoot

    I deep fry outside with a propane burner, same one we use for frying turkeys,canning etc. I love fried potatoes but with my southern roots have to say hushpuppies are my favorite with fried fish. Cook them in the same oil soon as the fish is done and draining. Like my mom made just cornmeal, salt, and boiling water. Going to try your batter recipe thanks Hank

  29. Susie Pumphrey

    mahi mahi makes great fish and chips. For the chips I make fries. We like the fries much better.

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