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8 responses to “Thai Green Curry with Fish”

  1. Chris

    The first time I made my own salt cod (recipe from Ruhlman and Polcyn’s book) I actually used it in a Thai Green Curry. I think salt cod is particularly suited to curries because of it’s firmer texture it resists breaking down into mush more than other fish.

  2. Sara

    MMM – we have some halibut in the freezer from a fishing trip last month. This sounds like a perfect way to use it.
    Could you sub ginger for the galangal? We like the flavor of lemongrass, ginger and coconut milk.

  3. Gerard

    I sometimes cheat on my curry-making with spice pastes from Asian Home Gourmet. I’d love to make one from scratch but their lovely curry pastes will do.

  4. Rebecca

    Fresh seafood choices are very limited in Nebraska so I made this recipe using white bass we caught last summer. It held up well, not flaking too much, and was absolutely delicious!! Thanks! I love your site, I’ve used lots of recipe’s from here for our wild game. 🙂

  5. Rand

    First time making a fish and curry. Even though I don’t know how it should taste, it tasted so good!

  6. Chad Low

    Well my wife made this last night with some Walleye and Smallmouth Bass that we had in the freezer. It was phenomenal. Just had a bowl for my lunch today and it was still just as good. We’ve now done three curries from this site and every one a winner!!!

  7. Mae

    My husband really loves curry. I’ve tried making other recipes but I fail. This time Thai Green Curry with Fish seems like my whole family love it and this recipe is one of my favorite food now.

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