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33 responses to “Venison Sauce Piquante”

  1. Kevin

    That looks amazing! Definitely going to try next season with venison and possibly duck and/or goose.

  2. Celeste

    Shrimp sauce piquante is my favorite….see my recipe here:
    Sauce piquante, for some reason, is a cajun dish that hasn’t been mainstreamed like jambalaya or gumbo. Dunno why, ’cause it’s so good.

  3. Emily

    Sauce piquante is so important to my family that my dad and uncle named their old fishing and hunting camp “Camp Sauce Piquante.” You really can put anything in it, although we generally stick to seafood or turtle.

    I love that Louisiana-everything is trending right now. I love my state. And I love that others love the food here so much that they recreate it. 🙂

  4. azita

    I’ve never made or tasted anything like this before – I’m super interested to try it. I don’t have access to venison – what type of meat do you recommend instead?

  5. Mike M

    Hank that is a nice version of a southern Louisiana classic. I lived in Houma for a few years when I first graduated from college so I too learned to really love that type of cooking – and eating. My favorite sauce piquante though is turtle. Really good turtle meat is sweet with some other impulses that are hard to describe, but in this kind of sauce it is outstanding. From my point of view a stronger tasting meat works best. Chicken for me is not strong enough to compete with the sauce.

    Great website and I love your book!!

  6. Will K.

    Looks good. I’ve only had it/made it with snapping turtle meat, but venison sounds like a good fit. Amazing how those basic Cajun recipes can be modied to the day’s catch, whether it be fish, fowl or “etc.” (I once made a very nice gumbo from a hooded merganser along with a collection of wood duck thighs & legs). Kepp these recipes coming!

  7. Michael

    I made this last weekend and it was great. I used venison, but substituted a marinara I had on hand for the crushed tomatoes. I can’t wait to experiment with other meats in here…

  8. Kodi

    I used to live less than a mile from Bayou Delight on Bayou Black Rd. It is great. Every Friday and Saturday night senior citizens gather and cajun dance. A truly unique experience. Didn’t try the gator sauce picante though.

  9. Louisa

    Hi Hank! I bookmarked this one when you posted it and last week, I finally got around to making it. I’m on holiday in Namibia at the moment so I made it with some oryx pieces – it was just awesome! Thanks for the recipe.

  10. Diane Stefani

    Can this be made with any others flour for those of us that have to eat glutin free or wheat free?

  11. Andrew Gregson

    Making this right now with beef and some mutton. Used a spanish wine and some serrano chiles to throw some spice into the mix. This is a pre-trial to see if can make this properly using the ducks I will hopefully bag next week ! Really excited to see how this turns out !

  12. Tony

    Made this today with some venison chilli meat I found in the freezer while making room for the buck I shot last week in South Texas. Turned out excellent. And the wife loved it, always a bonus. She added it to her favorites list.

  13. Marshall Sanderson

    Just took out some elk…Dinners a wrap!

  14. Kay

    Just put the pot on to simmer – with 1/2 elk and 1/2 venison. Smells wonderful! Question – do you simmer with the lid on or off?

  15. Elizabeth

    Thanks for inspiring dinner! It was a great use of my dutch oven and the venison I had in the freezer. My husband loved it. This recipe is a keeper.

  16. JohnE

    Great use of venison stew meat. I was concerned about the meat being too lean and dry, but this worked. Day two and beyond the sauce is even better. My only tweaks were adding frozen turkey stock in lieu of some of the water and a smoked pork knuckle to deepen the flavor a bit. Glad I found this site!. Trying one of your backstrap recipes tonight.

  17. Jason

    I have enjoyed making this with duck and goose

  18. Derek B

    Growing up hunting and cooking our harvest with my dad, nothing beats a great squirrel sauce piquant after the first day of squirrel season.

  19. Andi

    I can’t wait to try this with the first of the venison this fall.

  20. Hank Shaw has another great essay.

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  21. Ron

    I love all things Venison and Louisiana. As great as venison is in this dish, you simply have not had sauce piquante unless you’ve had rabbit sauce piquante at K-Paul’s (Paul Prudhomme’s) restaurant in New Orleans!

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  23. Reagan

    Other than the kind of meat, is there a difference between a sauce piquante and etoufee? Seems like both (or just about anything cajun) goes over rice.

  24. Mark Goymerac

    This has become my favorite recipe! The last time I made it I was a little short of venison to cut up so I improvised by using a pound of cubed venison, a pound of ground venison and two links of smoked kiebasa cut up. WOW!!! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Duane Lanoux

    I live near Austin but grew up in Gonzales, LA. I once caught two snapping turtles mating in the swamp behind Mom and Dad’s and we made a big Sauce Piquant out of them while my uncles were their building Mom and Dad’s patio. We passed a good time yeah cher.

  26. VibeWoogie

    My uncle sent me five 1 lb pkgs of tenderized alligator meat from Florida. I am down to 3, and this recipe is gonna happen for us today for Father’s Day! My husband had to work but will be very happy when he gets home for dinner!

  27. Brian W

    Looks like a fairly easy/straight forward recipe! Should be good on our annual “Boys Weekend” campout in November. I think this will warm us nicely after a crisp fall morning in the Deer stands!

  28. Gayle Derwinski

    I made this today with venison, it is delicious. I am leaving it in the fridge overnight, things like this always better the next day. To the person who asked about gluten free, I always make my roux with white rice flour and it always turns out excellent. I am going to throw in a can of hominy because I like the texture it adds. An excellent recipe.

  29. jeff dumont

    are you able to just use ground venison or is does it just break up too much?

  30. Charlotte Medina

    Sounds delicious…. Got 2 bucks in the deep freeze….time to put some to use.thanx for sharing.

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