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19 responses to “How to Make Verjus”

  1. Charade

    Wow – I learned something new, and possibly even useful. Now I have to go on a hunt for unripe grapes.

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  3. deana

    I love verjus. It really is the missing link of vinegars. Although I have yet to try the English crabapple version I have made a few with grapes. You have really inspired me with the idea of using wild grapes. They are pretty nasty on their own.. fabulous to find a use for them.. thanks Hank!!

  4. Butterpoweredbike

    Sold, I’m going to make a haul of green grapes the next time I’m in a canyon.

  5. Maia Brindley Nilsson

    How interesting. I had never hear of verjus. I’ll have to invest in a food mill and see if my in-laws have an overabundance of grapes again this year. I haven’t ever noticed wild grapes in Sweden, but I’ll keep my eye out for those too.

  6. Emily

    Could you strain the verjus through a coffee filter or an old maple syrup filter to remove the sediment so you can lose even less? or is it too acidic? I realize the amount lost is negligible but its just something I thought of while reading this.

  7. Steve

    I planted some grapes last year. If I get fruit this year I definitely want to make this. Thank you for this post.

  8. Cro Magnon

    I have grapes growing all around my house. Usually I boil the juice for a short while to stop any unwanted fermentation. I’ll try your method this year….. I’m just off to pick.

  9. Rita Grimm

    Hi thanks for the information on Verjus, I really learnt a lot today would just love know how would I be able to bottle the Verjus if I would like to sell it to the public? Thanks once again humbly gratefully

  10. Bill Thompson

    I’ve made verjuice for 3 years in Chile, my wife being Persian is used to using it (“ab-ghooreh”). I was hooked when we were eating Argentine goat & she smashed unripe grapes with her fork on the plate to accompany. She “processes it in the sun in sealed bottles for days – which I don’t do – & uses seedless grapes to avoid seed bitterness.
    It’s reputedly good for cholesterol & more. I like it best to deglaze the pan after browning meat, or where I’d use vinegar or lemon (e.g. salads), and swallow a little as “chaser” after a meat meal.
    I’m just sorry per recipes it has a short storage life, maybe 3 months.

  11. Karl Gross


    nice instructions for Verjus. I always make some to make my own Dijon mustard. Verjus is used instead of vinegar.



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  13. Anne de Bonrepos

    I recently fell upon a bottle of VERJUS in the refrigerator of a friend. It’s expiration is 2007…… long can this be kepted?
    Thank you.

  14. Chaerlz

    CAN someone tell me if verjuice can be bottled the same way as wine for the purpose of storing in a cellar or pantry instead of a refrigerator. Dose it have to be sterilized beforehand or fermented before? Does sterilization or fermentation affect its palatability or its use in the kitchen. I’ve searched the net and various other sources without results. Thank You!

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  16. Old Git

    All my grapes have pretty much turned purple so given I don’t want to make wine, any other ideas?

  17. Bryt

    So glad you posted this- such a lifesaver! I have my whole pergola covered in grapes, but I won’t be around for when they ripen. I was hoping there was something I could do with the unripe grapes, and fortunately I have enough time to make this.

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