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44 responses to “Venison Charcuterie”

  1. kindred spirit

    This, THIS is why I love this site. There can be no finer reward for a life well-lived than to end up in Hank Shaw’s kitchen.

  2. A.Hackett

    I like the corned recipe. After the meat soaks for a week i cut it just to size to fit in a wide mouth canning jar add water to an inch from the top and pressure can it so when i want it i just pop the top. Great for rubens.

  3. Nate

    Dang, dude! I’ll have to try this recipe this year.


  4. Restaurant Supply Dude

    Your landjaeger looks terrific! Definitely the favorite meat snack for me and my kids. We are lucky enough to have a German stand at our local market that supplies us. Yours looks very similar, except some types they get at the market stand are a bit squared-off, like they’ve been pressed. I could use some landjaeger right now!

  5. Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie)

    Beautiful sausages and meat. Don’t like the deer lice bit! No one told me about that!

  6. Laura

    Oh SNAP into one of them Slim-Jims!

  7. MIRA

    oh….deer lice…never would’ve expected that…looks tasty! ive been wanting to try venison, its just hard to get some kosher. nice tips on drying and so forth. glad i found ur blog!

  8. Marc

    Thanks, keep the recipes coming. I hope I can utilize them this fall.

  9. heather

    wow am i jealous of your family and friends! no one i know hunts, sadly. my fiancee and i finally found venison at a market the other day and, despite the hefty price tag, snatched up a container of the ground meat. turned them into spicy burgers — outstanding! hope the hunt is good this year!



  10. Jessa

    is it possible to cure previously-frozen meat? I was gifted some beautiful venison and a wild boar belly by a hunter-frind of mine, but didn’t have the time/supplies to do any curing. So, into the freezer they went.

    Too late for boar bacon and salami?

    I’d imagine it’s still fine for regular sausage-makin’…not that there’s anything “regular” about wild game sausage – yum!

  11. Victor

    Do you have any pictures of your curing set-up in an old fridge? I have been wanting to start dabbling in charcuterie. I am a big hunter/fisher and want to branch out into other methods of enjoying the game I get. I have been visiting your site for about a month or so now. Found it through NorCal Cazadoras site. Wish I could get a hunt setup with her and my girlfriend. Anyways, great site love a lot of the things you have on here.

  12. Tina

    Hank, I have a somewhat unrelated venison question. I’ve been spending a few days in the West and I’ve noticed something that would be considered odd in Pennsylvania. As you know, whitetail bucks are kind of elusive creatures. You rarely see one out in the open unless they are in rut. In driving through the plains, I’ve noticed mule deer bucks out in the open in fields,often in pairs or groups of three, grazing, in the middle of the day. Is this a normal thing?

  13. Victor

    Thanks for the info Hank. I live down in Napa. I will definately drop Holly an email. I think it would be good for my girlfriend to go out with other hunters, especially other women hunters.

    Sounds like a simple setup. Do you have a gauge to measure the humidity in the fridge, or does the mini humidifier have something similar?

  14. Joshua

    Ah, a post on the legislative process!

    Great post, man. The pic. Holly took of your tastefully-placed flames gives you a real bad-a.. look. Holly, you are an amazing photographer!

  15. rork

    Ruining any part of the almighty toploins gets you friendly teasing in my little group.

  16. Heather

    I like coarser sausage, personally, but never tried it with venison. I made some pizza with elk sausage a few weeks ago that was alright, but I don’t think it’d hold a candle to your smoky landjaeger (which would never end up on a pizza….right?).

  17. Bridget Davis

    WOW! These sausages look divine! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Exploded Daniel

    Posts this good are hard to read- by the time I’m halfway done I get angry that I do not have all that sausage.

  19. jamie carlson

    Mr. Shaw
    A friend of mine was traveling through eastern europe and came across salt cured lamb kidneys and as I have some venison kidneys in the freezer I was thinking about give it a try. just wondering if you have ever heard of such a thing and where I would start.

  20. Heather

    Is there a standard ratio of how much pork fat you like to add to venison? (I’m wondering both for sausage and burger/chili meat.)

    And do you happen to have any product recommendations, or any features especially needed to keep in mind, regarding choosing which meat grinder to purchase? –Actually – It appears you are using a Kitchenaid attachment(?). Any problems using that? – I’ve read those can “gum up” especially easily, and that they typically aren’t powerful enough. (?!?!)

  21. Jay

    I read in one of Marianski’s books that venison often needs to be frozen to deal with trichinosis, but I didn’t see mention of anything like that here. A friend of mine and his son each shot deer over the weekend and asked me about making dry-cured sausages, so I’ve been looking into it lately. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  22. Legnip

    Hank: I can’t wait to try your recipes. Corned venison, here I come.

    Grinding Tip:
    Get your meat “Very Cold”. After you trim and cube your venison, place it in a 1 gallon bag (3-6 lbs/ea) about 1.5″-3″ thick and freeze it solid, typically over night. The meat will be hard frozen. Place the meat in the microwave for 3-5 minutes. All that you are trying to do is partially thaw the meat and be able to cut it with a fillet knife. Don’t over thaw. The partially frozen meat has the perfect consistency for grinding the meat, and not turning it into paste.

    We are typically cutting up 1-5 deer at a time. So, we cut deer one day and then make sausage the next.

  23. bigmolar

    Just revisiting your great site. I have some venison in freezer for almost a year-can I still expect a flavorful salami if I use it?

  24. Jeff

    I do elk jerky often. I use liquid aminos (soy sub) some black pepper, brown sugar, garlic powder, red pepper and my secret rub. Slice thin and marinate over night to 24 hrs and throw in the dehydrator for a day or so.

  25. Dan Tutor

    Hey Hank, I started my adventure into venison charcuterie with jerky, IMHO, a near perfect food.
    I’ve been a big fan of Obertos brand beef jerky ever since boarding school, where I was fortunate to room with a neighbor of the Obertos family. He got boxes of the stuff sent from Seattle to Maine, and we ate pounds of it.
    So this fall after I shot my first deer I started to experiment.
    Here is what I came up with, it’s better than Obertos.

    Teriyaki Venison jerky
    1cup soy sauce
    1cup oyster sauce
    1/2cup rice wine vinegar
    1/2cup brown sugar and/or maple syrup or molasses
    1heaping tablespoon white pepper
    1tablespoon sesame oil
    6 cloves crushed garlic or garlic powder to taste
    1tablespoon roast ground coriander
    For black pepper flavored jerky, leave out the coriander and sesame oil and add 1/4 cup fresh ground black pepper
    Slice venison thinner than 1/4 inch, 1/8 is pretty optimal, but thinner will require less smoking time, and may get crispy
    Marinate 24-48 hours, mixing occasionally

    I’ve made delicious jerky by dehydrating it in the oven, but now I use a big chief smoker and smoke it for 8-10 hours. If it’s not too dry Afterward, I put it all in a baking pan in the oven over night with just the pilot light on, this really seems to bring out a beautiful glaze on the meat, and ensures no moisture will sweat out after you bag it.
    Thanks for all the inspiration Hank ! I hope you enjoy the jerky recipe.

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  28. Andrea

    How long does the cured meat last. How can I prepare my frozen venison to last in case of a power outage?

  29. Steve Mowry

    Hank: This summer I had a huge harvest of collard greens that I cooked with my own bacon outside over a wood fire. This fall my clan harvested 7 whitetail deer; all in my freezers now. We have made a lot of your great sausage recipes in the past. What are your thoughts of a venison sausage stuffed with liberal amounts of collards?

  30. Eric


    Great info, I’m learning a ton on your site!

    I have a recipe for thuringer that calls for 4lbs pork butt and 1lb pork back fat (added after first grind.) If I want to use elk meat would you recommend replacing the 4lbs pork butt with elk or is that an incorrect ratio of fat??


  31. Steve D.


    I am going to make dry cured venison and elk salami and want to know if I can use beef fat in place of the pork fat. I add beef fat to my venison and elk burger, and I have a good supply of beef back fat left over. What is your opinion and why should I or shouldn’t I do this? Thanks.
    Steve D.

  32. Stephen Hodgdon

    Hi again Hank. Quick question: I’ve noticed most venison recipes include a smoking stage, even Ruhlmans recipe from “Salumi” is a smoked version. Is there a reason not to make a dry-cured, never smoked venison salami, or is this simply tradition because so much venison sausage is north-European in origin? Thanks a lot, again, love the site.

  33. Stephen Hodgdon

    Thanks so much Hank.

  34. Dee Dee

    I LOVE your recipes, I’ve tried quite a few. I have 10lbs of ground venison and would love a good summer sausage recipe, any suggestions?

  35. Clay Williamson

    Very helpful. Thanks Hank.

  36. Tasha

    Do you have a link for a how-to for building a refrigerator dryer? There are so many different ones! Thank you.

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