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61 responses to “Preserving Peppers”

  1. Leslie

    This looks very interesting. My husband likes peppers and onions. Have you tried adding onions to the same vinegar/salt process? Not sure how they would hold up in the “brine” over time . . . Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. theresnoquestion

    Just stumbled upon your blog post about preserving peppers-fantastic. I’m still awaiting my first courting and relationship with a sweet pepper plant :)

  3. Cara Koehler

    Came across your post while searching for ways to use an abundance of peppers. Then I saw that you grow Pimientos de Padron and had to ask: what do you do with the one that get too large to pick for the famous tapas-version (the small peppers fried and sprinkled with coarse salt)? Last year I pickled them like I would jalapeños but their thin flesh caused them to get a little too soft.
    This year I want to make a marinade that I can preserve and open up throughout the year. Maybe you have an idea for me? Or maybe we can collaborate on one! I have a greenhouse and my peppers grow like weeds… I have jalapeños, poblanos, and sweet red Greek peppers, too.

    Thanks much!

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  6. will

    If one was so inclined, could these be canned and processed for pantry storage? My fridge tends to have a lack of space….. I wasn’t sure if it needed to be pressure canned or if the acidity and salt levels would be okay. Also didn’t want to affect the condition and taste of the peppers in the jar.

    Thanks, Hank

  7. judy

    These sound delicious but do you have a recipe for canning these instead of having to refrigerate?

  8. etxera joan

    I love your descriptions of growing peppers and can relate to it.
    I also would like to know how to ‘can the peppers’, or as we might say in Australia, ‘bottle the capsicums’!

    I tried moving one of my sad capsicum/pepper plants once into a pot, a little too late going into winter, but it still picked up and tried to keep going. I have grown them inside in the past but now have no room. Our summers are often too cool and short, and winters are often frosty, cold, wet… However, i understand that need to grow them every year in spite of the fact that i have had no success the past 2-3 years and certainly none with eggplants which run parallel in the must-haves department, along with tomatoes, which i have limited success with.
    Spring has sprung on our southern island and i am furiously planting so i am certainly going to give the mass digging and potting of capsicum/pepers and eggplants a go this year. Thanks for the reciies too.

  9. Angela Standley

    YUM! I was looking for a recipe to replace one I made with sugar. I need it to preserve so I can give it as a gift when we have bulk peppers (capsicums – Australia). Ive also given up added sugars from my diet so this will prob do the trick ! Thanks :)

  10. Val

    Can you also add the juice from the capsicium as well as vinegar and oil?

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