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206 responses to “How to Cure Green Olives”

  1. jewel

    Thank you for answering, Hank! Both the tiny dots and the tan/brownish spots seem to be fairly common from reading the other comments. If the thin, dark line through the flesh and dark area around the pit are caused by olive fly, would the larvae be visible with the naked eye? Grateful for any info, jewel

  2. cksspace

    Hi…I brined my olives using the water/kosher salt method changing weekly. They are coming along nicely. My question is: When should I add the olive oil, white wine vinegar & whatever other “goodies” I desire? Would this be considered a final brine? I would like to give as gifts for Christmas. Thanks for any suggestions or ideas, Carolyn

  3. K R

    I have curing my olives (unk variety) for four weeks in a salt water bath, in glass containers. This is my 3rd year trying this. This year, the olives were a little greener than before, but some had a slight rose blush to them. After the 2nd salt bath change, a ‘scum’ started around the edge of the water that looked like a mold almost…fuzzy but flat. At the next change, I washed the containers and added new salt bath. Same thing. Just tasted one at the 4 wk Mark to see if the bitterness was gone, it was….but….the olive tasted metallic! Tried a second one..same thing. The olives have been in glass containers with another glass container on top to hold the olives under water. They also have not darkened like the previous years. Are they safe to continue with? Kinda scared of killing off family and friends! Thanks for the help.

  4. Mark J. Lewis

    Hi Hank,
    I have an offbeat question for you: For years I have loved Mezzetta Colossal Sicilian Style Olives. My greatest fears have come true: Mezzetta is discontinuing this style of olive.

    I’m desperate to mimic the “juice” in which the olives are bottled. I’m not sure if this is a brine or just a juice into which they put the olives after they are cured. The juice is phenomenal. Mezzetta only says “spices” in the list of contents. It says only vinegar but isn’t specific. I can identify by sight some of the spices…there’s definitely red chile pepper, bay, garlic, fennel, coriander…not sure what else.

    Hank, I’d gladly send you a bottle of these olives if you could lend some expert advice.
    I really want to mimic these olives if I can.


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