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9 responses to “Cardoon Risotto”

  1. Jeff

    Hey Hank, My Italian Great-grandmother used to boil them (after cleaning as you say) and then bread them and fry them. I’ve tweaked her recipe (to include more spices and cheeses)and now carry on the tradition for Thanksgiving every year. Might be another way to try them!

  2. Angela

    Cardoons are in the markets now in Provence, they’re part of the traditional Christmas dinner. Have only had them in a white sauce, this looks like an interesting alternative, will have to try it.

  3. Lou

    I wish they were more invasive. Day #212 (well, OK, but it seems like 212) of the frost got all of ours. 🙁 They are my second favorite fried food (behind porcini and ahead of chicken). They are excellent boiled/steamed with olive oil and vinegar, too. Really brings out the sweetness.

  4. Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie)


  5. Phillip Lea

    My cardoons usually sport blooms worth eating — larger than the mini artichokes I see at markets now & then — but this looks tasty.

  6. Frank LoRusso

    In Upstate New York, the old Italian Nona’s would gather Burdock stems in the spring and early summer calling them “Cardoons”. They would use them in similar recipes but my favorite was fritters. I’ve reproduced some of my Grandma’s recipes using Burdock and sounds much less labor intensive. Ever try Burdock Hank?

  7. Guy B.


    My Italian grandmother did the same as Jeff’s only with Artichoke Stems. She would cut off the outside strings, quick boil in salt water, slice length wise 1/4″ x 6″ and then Egg Wash to Italian Bread Crumb/Grated Parmesan Cheese into the Frying Pan. A very enjoyable appetizer that tasted just like the artichoke hearts and would be dipped in a homemade from scratch garlic lemon aoili. As a kid I could eat a whole plate of them to myself. I have never tried it with cardoons, but bet it would be just as good as Jeff points out?


  8. Refugia Castaneda

    Hank: I want to order all the seeds, roots, tubers, that are for-sale. Where can I purchase these wonderful seeds for my garden. Thank you for all the wonderful receipts.

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