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10 responses to “Halibut with Italian Salsa Verde”

  1. Loretta Gartman

    Salsa verde looks so good, must try it; but can’t get halibut. But that probably will go w/ whatever I choose. I just made green chili (kind of out of season; but I had a hankering to try it and it was great). I know I can be creative w/ how I use the salsa verde and whatever I come up with should work…I’m so into green right now; it must be the season.

  2. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    How delicious! I would love a plate 🙂

  3. Guy B.


    I always thought to catch pacific halibut you needed to be out in a boat with 3-5lbs balls and the right drift, etc.etc., but after years of fishing as a surf caster off beaches have learned that at the right time of year with the right lures or bait, pacific halibut can be taken in very shallow water. Hands down one of the tastiest fish in the sea! Glad you finally caught one and think you made the right choice to let it keep growing. Good Karma for next time!

  4. Marsha

    Yummmm. Made this tonight with some Atlantic Wolffish filets. The filets from the halibuts being caught here at the moment are still a bit too thin for this. The fish out of the saffron brine was very tasty and this way of cooking fish by basting the top with oil came out perfect! My only problem was that the pesto turned a sort of drab green instead of being bright parsley green. Still tasted great, I liked the small hint of anchovy in there, but is there a trick to keep it looking so green? I made it about an hour before using. Good things come to those who wait – good luck on your next halibut hunt.

  5. Kelly

    Going to try this with the Pacific Halibut we just caught in Homer! Hank, where are you staying while you are visiting Alaska? Any food plans in Anchorage?

  6. Peter S.

    Hank, I love your posts (and Holly’s photos!). You said that reeling in a 3 lb. weight from 300 feet down “ain’t fun”. Pardon me for editorializing, but could you have possibly meant it “aint easy”? ‘Cuz fishing for halibut sure sounds like fun to me!

  7. Marsha

    Hi Hank, thanks for the tip, but unfortunately, that wasn’t it, as I used fresh lemon juice. I’m thinking now that maybe I just mashed everything too much and should have just more gently mixed in the herbs instead of mashing them….? I’ll try it again, cuz the taste was really delisch!

  8. Margaret Warren

    Hmmmn.. Halibut in Italian salsa is to die for! I love the texture and the contrast of this dish! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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