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5 responses to “Ricotta Gnudi with Ramps and Porcini”

  1. Lou

    This sounds awesome. Definitely on the to-cook list.

    Thanks, Hank!


  2. Joe

    I can’t wait to try this with porcini this weekend. Now, I’ll have to figure out who to invite over.

  3. Jim C

    I live for this site’s recipes- so much so that I am getting another water retreiver- but this recipe- no game involved- haas me totally intrigued. I will try it soonest. Thanks Hank!!!!!

  4. Jen

    Thanks for this recipe. I made the gnudi to the letter and kept them in the fridge for three days as you recommended. For some reason, when I cooked the gnudi, in very gentle simmering water, not boilng, the semolina coating just fell off, rather than gelatinising. Any ideas as to why?

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