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2 responses to “Wild Cranberry Sauce”

  1. Robin

    I’m making cranberry sauce this afternoon to use as glaze for tomorrow’s ham. I hadn’t thought of orange zest, great idea. With four pounds of berries, I have plenty to try several variations.

    There are a lot of damp areas in clearings in our woodlot so I’ve been considering planting vines. Maybe this coming year, while I’m concentrating more on food, will be the year.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Ricardo Rodríguez

    Happy Holidays!

    Here in Mexico fresh cranberries are hard to find. I saw canned sauce at autum and winter in Walmart last year or the year before, but seems it didn´t sell so well, because I don´t see them this year. Dried cranberries, juice and beverages are another story. They are becoming pretty common.

    So, can dried cranberries be used to make sauce? Are they worth the try? Any adjustments?

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