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18 responses to “Lake Erie Perch Chowder”

  1. chuck

    Man, you were in my backyard. I always marvel at how great the fishing is within a mile or 2 of such a big metropolitan area. I am sorry to hear you had a slow day. we typically do get our limit. Sometimes in a few hours, sometimes we have to work hard and move around. I definitely have to try this recipe.

  2. Bryan Davis

    Wonderful post Hank.
    A creative and absolutely delicious looking dish, far removed from the beer battered deep fry that dominates most kitchens around here. Thanks for fishing our waters, sharing your story and this lovely dish! – Bryan Davis #NEO (North East Ohio)

  3. Scott_D

    I grew in that neck of the woods and only think of perch as deep fried. I seek it put every time I go back to visit. Never thought to put it in chowder or risotto. I sure caught my share of them in the East Branch Reservoir near Middlefield when I was a kid, along with bluegill & crappie.

  4. Jan's Sushi Bar

    We try to eat locally and sustainably as much as possible, and since we live 45 minutes south of Cleveland, yellow perch have become a favorite of ours. As you said, it is firm so stands up well to frying, and has a nice, mild flavor – important if you’re trying to get a picky child or teenager to eat more fish.

    Thank you so much for the recipe – I love a good, creamy chowder and can’t wait to make it!

  5. laura h

    In the seafood watch doc I didn’t see anything about toxic elements/etc.

  6. Patrik

    Great looking chowder!

    I imagine that the perch we have here in Sweden is very similar to your yellow perch. They certainly look almost identical, so I hope it’ll work.

    I usually panfry the ones I catch, and serves with a white wine sauce, sauted chanterelles and some kind of mashed potatoes. Will have to try this recipe.

  7. Steve in Canton

    You need to try them as ceviche. They are also great smoked then made into fish cakes. Caught and kept a little over 300 this year and never get tired of eating them.

  8. Patrik

    Agree, smoked perch is absolutely amazing.

  9. Michael Jones

    I thought Lake Erie would be polluted. It is gorgeous in Dunkirk, white sand beaches, and some of the hottest smallie fishing I’ve hit. Where Canadaway creek meets the lake.

  10. Darrin Nordahl

    My goodness, I can’t recall a more soul-warming dish time of year than this chowder. And such a gorgeous perch! It’s Wikipedia worthy, as the archetypal specimen. Beautiful, Hank. Thanks for sharing.

  11. John F.

    This soup looks amazing, but I’m not very experienced in making soups. So what would the soup be like without sour cream? Would it just be very watery?

    If I personally really don’t like sour cream, is there a good replacement that you might suggest, like milk?

  12. Dina

    that looks so good. now that the weather has gotten cold, i want a bowl!

  13. Kasia

    I must say that it’s a great recipe. I love how you used kielbasa in fish chawder. Seriously need to try that once!

  14. Ivriniel

    I haven’t had yellow perch since my parents sold our cottage. Most we would ever do to them was panfry them.

    Once we ran out of flour for coating, and ended up using pancake batter mix. That was awesome actually.

    I just picked up some Great Lakes Whitefish at the market today, which is apparently also from Lake Erie (I had no idea that there was a Whitefish fishery in Erie, I thought commercially it came out of Huron, Superior and Lake Winnipeg.) which I’m going to make this soup with.

    My husband’s Polish, and he is quite enthused about trying this recipe. Also, it will majorly cut into a growing supply of potatoes from our winter CSA.

  15. karen

    My boys just caught some Perch ice fishing…..looks like they will be having some “Chowda” tonight! I might add some half/half to the broth!
    Thanks for the recipe!

  16. will

    To Steve in Canton and anyone else considering ceviche- I would caution against eating raw perch or most any freshwater fish for that matter. If you do, just make sure you freeze it to sushi grade temps for a long time, as perch are somewhat notorious for having various parasites that you probably don’t want in your gut. That said, perch are awesome and I love to eat them in all forms….

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