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50 responses to “Clam Cakes Block Island”

  1. Allison

    These sound wonderful!

  2. Krista

    I am a Rhody girl born and bred, and yes, I love my clam cakes. Have you ever tried them with malt vinegar and salt? Not as fancy as a remoulade, but very much a beach time favorite.

  3. Ashley

    I have to disagree with you on Rhode Island doing it best :). I am from one of the great clam towns of Massachusetts and clam cakes are not that popular here. There is something about the purity of fried clams with just a bit of cornmeal that will always taste like home to me. It wasn’t until I got older I appreciated the clam cake and they really are something uniquely interesting on their own. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will have to try it out! Love your blog.

  4. Donna

    I’ve always loved clam cakes! My friends and I used to take special trips to Crescent Park Carousel in E. Prov. just to eat the clam cakes and try to catch the brass ring a few times. It was the one of the best parts of growing up in RI! Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Kim Foster

    I’m totally going to make this, Hank. Love it.

    But I have to ask….Isn’t this a clam fritter? Although thinking of it as a beignet is so much sexier anyway. 🙂

    (from Charcutepalooza)

  6. Russell

    Going to try this with some razor clam feet I’ve got frozen in the fridge. Normally they go to chowder but they should work great this way…

  7. Monica

    This sounds so good. ‘ve got to try this! I’m wondering if you could utilize this same batter mixture with other types of seafood as well…aside from clam?

  8. Phyllis

    Block Island is one of my very favorite places on earth. Providence born and raised, but Block is the place that makes me feel weepy. Sailed there with my brother last summer for an incredible weekend and ate lots of awesome seafood and clamcakes while there. Thanks for the opportunity to daydream my way back there for a few minutes.

  9. Jimmy

    Morning walk to Aldo’s for coffee and paper: 10 minutes
    Town mooring rental: $40 dollars
    Sailing to Block Island with Phyllis and my family to eat clam cakes: Priceless

  10. susan of food blogga

    Conceived and delivered as a true Rho-DIE-land-uh. These are wicked awesome, Hank. Will be making them at my mom and dad’s when I go to RI this summer, and washing them down with some Narragansett beer.

  11. E. Nassar

    This looks so good and gets me seriously craving an old and great Emeril Lagasse recipe from one of his Louisiana cookbooks called….wait for it…”Shrimp and Eggplant Beignets” and he of course serves it with remoulade.

  12. Tino Bernazzani

    Very nice post Hank,
    I have been clamming that area most of my life and have tried gapers just about every way.
    Clam chowder and fried necks are just about as good as it gets.
    I look forward to trying this recipe in May when I will be back clamming with the family.
    Thanks Hank

  13. RockyPoint

    Loved your blog! For me, Rocky Point Clam Cakes were the best! After Rocky Point closed it was Galilee. How could you torture yourself by waiting until you crossed the bay when you could have had fabulous clam cakes while on the ferry over?

    I was looking for a good clam cake recipe to make for my BF who loves seafood and never had a Clam Cake. I found a local hole in the wall restaurant (I now live in Florida) who makes the most incredible New England Clam Chowder> Seriously,it is just as good as what you get in RI but no clam cakes. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Cathy

    HAD to find a great recipe after raking in 171 cherrystones on Quonochontaug Pond. The count: 86 for me and 85 for my husband! I’ve made chowder, steamers, linguine with clam sauce, stuffies and clam cakes. The recipe I used for clam cakes was disappointing. Aunt Carrie’s clam cakes are THE absolute best. Can’t wait to try THIS recipe!

  15. Terry

    I dip mine in my coffee ice cream, yummm

  16. Norm

    Made these little buggers last night along with my favorite chowder recipe. By far the best clam cakes I have ever had! Transported me and my wife back to George’s of Galilee who in my humble opinion had the best clam cakes in Rhode Island. As transplants to Central New York we miss the glorious beaches of Massachusetts and Rhode Island and the incredible beach food to be gotten there. With every bite of these tasty morsels I could feel the sand between my toes and smell that incredible sea breeze. now that I have the best clam cake recipe My next quest: the perfect fried clams recipe (with bellies,of course) Your recipe made my day. Thanks

  17. suzanne ostiguy featherston

    i use to live in new bedford ma. now i live in rock hill s.c. people here never heard of clam all the 23 yrs. of the south i am having a severe case of wanting some clam cakes like moms. anyone want to share the recipe? thanks

  18. Joan Carol

    Spent many a Sunday afternoon with my family driving from CT to RI for these beauties!
    Dumb Question–how do you grind the clams?

  19. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    Clam Cakes RULE! I can say that cause I am a Rhode Islander and I make and eat them all the time! Must be served with a big bowl of chowda too! I wouldn’t flash that remoulade around these parts. They will know your not a Yankee for sure, lol.

    Great blog btw. I’m making the Greek Octopus soon!

  20. Lori

    Hey, what would you substitute for the beer if you didn’t have it?

  21. Steven Ryan

    Thanks Hank!!!

    My wife is from Narragansett and she is stuck here with me in TX. She is soooooo home-sick that sometimes she just starts crying. Im trying real hard to get us there. Hopefully soon. This recipe will make me a HERO. Thank you so much..

  22. David Cucinomio

    I have been to BI Numerous times. . . from 06355 Mystic and now am hundreds of miles away. I looked up the recipe on line & found this. I will make these and remeber my coastal home and the times there. Go Patriots! Turkey day THRASHING of the jerky jets!!!!

  23. billy D

    We rarely use clams in Clamcakes in RI, we use Quahogs instead. You shuck them, save the juice, grind the bellies up and chop the rest. 2 parts flour, 1 part white corn meal is the standard. Eggs, Baking powder, pepper and salt, that is it. If you make them with only clams which a few places in RI do, they don’t have the same “ocean” taste. I’d say 60 percent of the clamcake shacks use Quahogs which taste much more “clammy” another 30% use a 50/50 mixture of chopped sea clams and Quahogs. Same goes for clam chowder, it is made here with Quahogs rather than clams in most places and is stronger flavored than Clam chowder.

  24. billy D

    I’ve had those hardshell clams that look exactly like Quahogs in California and Vancouver and they taste nothing like the Quahogs from here. In Rhode Island they sell Sea Clams or Quahogs for chowder and clam cakes and they are as different as day and night. The Sea Clam is very blah and the Quahog is stronger “Oceany” taste.

  25. billy D

    We also sell another variety of clam here that is for steaming and frying and that clam is not from the Deep Sea but from the shores, they live in dirt.

  26. billy D

    I believe you that they are the same species just as a buzzard and a chicken are both birds but I wouldn’t use a buzzard in my pot pie. Just as I wouldn’t use any old clam variety in my clamcakes. I was in the Dominican Republic and bought some beautiful looking clams that looked just like Quahogs from here, they were vile and disgusting and could not be used. I even tried those baby clams in the can(Roland brand)….nasty in clamcakes!

  27. Bob

    This is what the limit of Razor Clams I dug this morning is going to turn into this evening. Hank, thank you for sharing this.

  28. Sheila

    Began the 1st half of my life in R.I. and now living the rest in OH. Gotta say hands down, if you’re from Riverside there is no question that the Cresent had the best clam cakes! Can’t wait to try this recipe as there definitely aren’t any clam cakes in Ohio. Thanks for sharing!!!

  29. kelly

    I will make these soon! I live in NC, but we just visited connecticut and maine and the clam cakes were so delicious!! I love your blog. thanks!!

  30. Vitia Simone

    Are the clams raw or steamed first?

  31. Ray

    Thrilled to see this, although I think the more you change things the farther they get from what the ‘RI’ clam cake should be- simple, re: any garnishes or soecial sauces. I grew up camping off Horseneck Beach (MA) and there used to be a little red restaurant that sold these buggers near the penninsula……. They sold them by the dozen and gave them to you in a brown paper bag… We would carry them back to our camp site and the bag would be covered in grease, and we would chomp at the bit to get the clam cake in our mouth and it was perfect- the taste of the sea and a little greasy breading. Nothing more, nothing less. I make them from my own recipe but I’m happy to have found yours and I’m going to give it a try.

  32. Keely

    Hi Hank,
    We’re going to make my mother-in-law’s clam chowder with clam cakes and remember her making a snail salad to go with it. She made it, and we don’t know the recipe. Do you have one, true to RI form?

  33. d brown

    living in NJ LBI till sandy wiped out my house – spend most of my live in Warwick and N Prov. Crows next the best clam cakes – no one in jersey ever heard of clam cakes where I dine – buy in RI does not have tailored ham? – my mother used to be in the kitchen for hours
    over the hot oil only to be asked where is the next batch was?? We have a contest as they always had a different shape and looked like a duck or an oddly shaped clam cake. Gee I miss those days!
    Tonight we are making Grampa Browns chowda and cakes…. yummy!

  34. Beth

    Can’t wait to make these! As New Englanders born and bred, now living in up, up, Upstate NY we had to special order steamers. Had some leftovers so came looking for a recipe for RI clam cakes. Having spent my summers minutes from Galilee as a child, I agree with you that there is NOTHING else like a RI clam cake.

  35. Rhode Island Cambridge - Cambridge Food Tour

    […] I wonder if we might find some Rhode Island classics on their menu as Snail Salad, Johnny cakes, Clam cakes, Zeppole and Clams casino. I’m sure we can expect some great doughnuts, these cannot be missed […]

  36. jeffrey delia

    Moved to the pacific northwest almost 40 years ago and brought my Italian/Polish heritage and love of food with me. Bought an oyster farm and grew my own bivalves. Long live George’s at Point Judith–best ever clam cakes. Mine are good but something about George’s. I’m trying your recipe tonight with fresh home dug Manila clams. Dig on!

    dabob oysterman

  37. Jennilynn

    Made these for my inlaws (both were born and raised in RI) and they said they were the closest to home that had since they moved to Oklahoma more than 35 years ago. Thank you for sharing your recipe! 🙂

  38. Deb June 15, 2014

    These were a big hit for FATHER’S DAY. They are delicious! And I am an New Englander. Thanks for sharing this recipe. These will be passed down generations.

  39. k

    If you do not have a beer 7up or sprite will give you the same effect without the alcohol. born & raised on the MA/RI state line and have clam cakes every Friday night

  40. Sharon

    I grew up in MA but spent a lot of time in RI as we lived so close to the border. The best clam cakes were from Galilee and Rocky Point and as I think of them I can smell the ocean air. I am now living in Pennsylvania and want to make them myself for the Superbowl. I am going to try your recipe because it sounds perfect! The only clams we can get here are Chopped sea clams apparently brought in from New Bedford. Will these be ok to use?

  41. DikRedi

    Ok Ive ben born and raised here in Westerly RI on the southshore, I do my own quahoging and its so funny i just so happen to come across this thread because I made some clam FRITTERS yesterday,note I say FRITTERS ((FRITTAS with typical Rhode Islanda accent)) not Cakes, so for all u ppl wanting to know how to make a simple best clam fritta,its simple ,take some fresh quahogs n shuckem n save some juice,,dont GRIND them, semi freeze them ((helps for next step)) then chop them up on cutting board ((i like big chucks of clam)) then take a box or two of KENYON’S fritter mix (( honestly this is the best for fritters)) put in bowl,dump a cup of juice and then i pour Narragansett beer in till a nice smooth mix then deep fry in a deep fryer as previous comments mentioned,, then youll have a true Rhode Island swamp yankee clam fritter,, The Hitching Post on RT-1 in Charlestown RI usta have best eva , now they grind clams up so much theres no more clam chunks,, hope this helps everyone out, let me know how you make out,, mine came out killa as always ,enjoy and Slainte

  42. robert

    I grown up on jolly cholly’s clam cakes sad they closed up was best times of my life born in 1961

  43. Terry Redihan

    I just got back from R.I. and had a dozen clam cakes from Aunt Carrie’s in Narragansett Beach . Can’t wait to make your recipe sounds great .Thanks

  44. Bobbie

    This sounds great. I will try the recipe tomorrow, I so miss New England and all the tasty seafood. Now need to learn recipes, so I don’t miss out. Thanks for recipe.

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