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66 responses to “Spanish Chilindron Stew”

  1. Sunshriek

    This was just delicious! And I, too, totally understand that craving for red – I get it a lot. Thanks for sharing a great recipe. I’m afraid to admit I made it with store-bought meat, given I live in the middle of London, England… but it was amazing all the same!

  2. Mark Nebergall

    How come whenever a recipe tells me to brown meat in olive oil I instinctively reach for the bacon grease? I’m making up a batch of this tomorrow with wild turkey. Can’t decide whether to use red or white wine. Conventional wisdom would say to use white but my instinct is saying red (thinking coq au vin).

  3. Mark Nebergall

    OK, I made a batch of this with a half-breast of a wild turkey. I used bacon grease to brown the meat and I used a slotted spoon to take the pieces out. I then put in my sliced onion and when they got to where I wanted them I added the paprika and the rosemary so that the fat I’d cooked the onions in would extract the flavor of the spices (similar to my comment on the goulash). Wow, what a recipe. Very flavorful and rich and the cooking time produced bites of turkey that were tenderized by the cooking process. A keeper.

  4. Kelly

    I can not wait to try this with the pheasant in the fridge!

  5. Scott Garrison

    Simply awesome even with grass fed beef and store bought Wright Brand bacon. Agree with Hank it’s a great way to use my jarred piquillo peppers

  6. Liesel

    I’ve made this a couple of times with elk and deer, red wine option. I usually have a problem following recipes to the letter but made a special effort on this one. Rave reviews both times. Definitely pushes that ‘red’ button that you mention. Mmmm :).

  7. Karl

    I made this stew with venison gifted to me by a hunter who hunts part of my property. I used duck fat I had rendered earlier this fall for browning the venison chunks. I took the liberty of adding carrots and celery and it was incredible. It just so happened that we had a cold front move through on the weekend I made this dish. Perfect for a chilly winter evening. I will be making this again, guaranteed!

  8. Vizzle

    Made this tonight… A-mazing!

  9. Stella

    Any suggestions for using fresh mushrooms? We don’t have any dried, and I’m snowed in. I have crimini.
    Also, should I add a lb of pork to my 2 lbs of venison stew meat, or just break out the big pack of backstrap? I’m wondering how the flavor combo of pork (loin) and venison might be. Can’t be too bad, right?

  10. Henri

    Growing up … this was a house specialty done only by my uncle on a Saturday night and in mostly a drunken state …. the fun kind! And the meat was always GOAT! Chivo!

    Came a across some Goat today …. just cause it was there!!!! And remembered those long Saturday nights of people coming and going – but mostly coming and staying for a midnight CHILINDRON ….. it was always rich, dark, mysterious and it was always Spicy and so good!

    This one for you TIO!

  11. randy

    Made this today with some venison shoulder. Could not have been better! Through in a dash of smoked paprika and drank a nice glass or two of tempranillo. Thanks Hank!

  12. Ponzio


    Would this recipe work with organ meats? I have heart, kidneys, pancreas, etc. mostly from wild boar, that I have wanted to use but don’t have any recipes.


  13. Lee

    If I was to do this with venison, would you use a little juniper? Also would you deglaze with grated onion as per your other stews and what would you say to a little tomato paste? Cheers, cooking this soon, Lee

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