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56 responses to “Spanish Chilindron Stew”

  1. Sunshriek

    This was just delicious! And I, too, totally understand that craving for red – I get it a lot. Thanks for sharing a great recipe. I’m afraid to admit I made it with store-bought meat, given I live in the middle of London, England… but it was amazing all the same!

  2. Mark Nebergall

    How come whenever a recipe tells me to brown meat in olive oil I instinctively reach for the bacon grease? I’m making up a batch of this tomorrow with wild turkey. Can’t decide whether to use red or white wine. Conventional wisdom would say to use white but my instinct is saying red (thinking coq au vin).

  3. Mark Nebergall

    OK, I made a batch of this with a half-breast of a wild turkey. I used bacon grease to brown the meat and I used a slotted spoon to take the pieces out. I then put in my sliced onion and when they got to where I wanted them I added the paprika and the rosemary so that the fat I’d cooked the onions in would extract the flavor of the spices (similar to my comment on the goulash). Wow, what a recipe. Very flavorful and rich and the cooking time produced bites of turkey that were tenderized by the cooking process. A keeper.

  4. Kelly

    I can not wait to try this with the pheasant in the fridge!

  5. Scott Garrison

    Simply awesome even with grass fed beef and store bought Wright Brand bacon. Agree with Hank it’s a great way to use my jarred piquillo peppers

  6. Liesel

    I’ve made this a couple of times with elk and deer, red wine option. I usually have a problem following recipes to the letter but made a special effort on this one. Rave reviews both times. Definitely pushes that ‘red’ button that you mention. Mmmm :).

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