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69 responses to “Spanish Chilindron Stew”

  1. Tim Vidra

    I am going to have to this a try as it has the look of a rich old world food.


  2. Sam @ The Second Lunch

    Hank, I’m truly sorry I had to miss your dinner at Craigie last week. (Alas, Rosh Hashana) Now that I’ve moved back east, I find myself desperately missing everyone in the Bay/Sacto… even though I only lived vicariously through your animal breakdowns through everyone else. (I was always working at Omnivore).

    It’s so true about the red craving, and I feel like I’m cheating myself by making Chili so often and not branching out enough. This stew is going on the docket.

  3. Island Vittles

    that deep, deep red is drawing me in…Theresa

  4. Joey Meicher

    Quick question: Do you dice all the roasted peppers and add them with the tomatoes, or do you puree some of them to stir into the stew? Either way would be great, and I definitely plan on having this next week during the Packer game!

  5. Tovar@AMindfulCarnivore

    That looks fantastic, Hank. I’ll give it a whirl soon.

  6. la domestique

    This is a great fall recipe. I ‘m loving the combination of flavors and definitely plan to make this stew. Thanks!

  7. Maia Brindley Nilsson

    Perfect timing. The chill is really setting in at nighttime here in southern Sweden. It’s time for some hearty stew.

  8. YellerKitty

    This sounds deeply soul-satisfying. I’ve become a devotee of smoked Spanish paprika — especially the ‘bittersweet’ designation. There are a couple of brands that I really like, and I go through can after can. Is this the type of paprika to which you’re referring? It is sublime. Can’t wait to try this. Thank you for such a consistently fascinating and rewarding site.

  9. Kirk

    I used this as an excuse to clean out all my smoked meats. Chorizo, smoked pork butt, smoked chicken and smoked chuck roast.. The smell of this on the stove is driving me crazy. My Jack Russell terrorist is awaiting leftovers that will probably never come. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Ryan

    Cooking this recipe tonight. I have been reading the blog for a while now for insight and ideas, but this is the first recipe I’ve tried, start to finish. I’m really excited for this to be done.

  11. AGD

    I can attest that Hank’s version of this dish is good enough to get picky kid eaters to finish the bowl. How the trip is going better than the Delaware leg, Hank!

  12. Jen

    Do you think this would translate well to bear?

    Just shot a young one, and I’ve got a few cuts this looks useful for.

  13. Will K.

    I cooked this last night using squirrel for the meat and adding sauteed puffball mushrooms. It was outstanding- thanks for the recipe!

  14. dan

    I picked this up here off this site two years ago. I have had it numerous times with moose,hares and ptarmigan. I love it and have it at least once a week during the colder months.

    I would rather have it than anything I know of


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  16. Charles

    Made this last night. It was really great! I just have a question for anyone on the peppers. I picked up a jar of Mezzetta roasted red bell peppers from the store to match the “jar” quantity in the recipe. However there definitely did not seem to be 5 peppers worth in it. Anyone thinking I should have used 2 jars? The recipe didn’t specify a jar size so it’s hard to be sure. I also learned it comes out a bit lighter when you use chicken, white wine, and chicken stock. Even with just some cheap boneless thighs it was great though.

  17. Bricky

    I tried this back in February with you recipie, it was delicious! I’m going to make it again with a piece of Catalina venison backstrap, since the hubby was away at the time. I need to introduce him to this delight.

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  19. noelle {simmer down!}

    Adding the peppers with the tomatoes, assuming that ‘s what you intended? Smells fabulous so far.

  20. tamika

    Amazing. Looks incredible. It may be the perfect food for this East Coast rainy fall.
    Thank you!

  21. Gary

    Hi Hank,
    I am new to your blog and really enjoy it. I have this chilindron on the stove right now – used leg o lamb. I went for the imported Spanish paprika at the market, and am still getting used to the interesting smoky/medicinal quality. What do you use? I was half tempted to use some of my Chimayo stash in lieu of the hot paprika, but stuck to the recipe this time. Looking forward to the eating.

  22. Becky

    Just made this last night with lamb. Delicious!

  23. matt

    dang, fantastic looking stew. That color is to die for.

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  25. Archer2010

    Excellent. Finished this off last night. I used venison from last year’s deer. Just cut a roast into serving size pieces. This dish smelled great the entire time it was cooking. I let it go for a full three hours; it was probably ready at least a half hour before that, but it was still wonderful.

    As someone mentioned earlier, will you clarify quantity of roasted peppers ( I used a jar that had no more than 2 peppers ) and when they should be added. Seemed best to dump them in with the crushed tomato.

    Anyway, thanks again.

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  27. mike

    when in Spain…
    great recipe Hank.
    Even better vacationing in Spain, looking out the kitchen window at Alora Valley as I make it.

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  29. Lois Summers

    Have never seen so many enthusiastic reviews on a rather unusual dish. Have hot and sweet Hungarian paprika on hand and ready to go…will try the Smoked Spanish Paprika next time. Has anyone tried both kinds?

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  31. Miss Kimbers @ Fruit Salad and Mixed Veg

    I was going to ask if I could make this with rabbit, but you answered it for me. Thank you!

  32. Andrew Gregson


    As an avid outdoors-man and squeamish dabbler into the culinary world of wild game, I thank you. These recipes have opened my eyes to the possibilities the game I take hold. Usually I relegate most of my table fare from the woods/water to either the grill or hidden in a stew. This Chilindron looks magnificent. The color ,a dark smoky red ,draws you to it.I must try this out; do you think that duck would go well with this ? Waterfowling is my passion and I have plenty of fowl to use in a recipe such as this. I would think that the spices and tomato base would lend themselves to even the most gamey of birds (spoonies,scaup).


  33. Bruce

    Made this last Sunday with venison from my recently harvested CA blacktail and it was AWESOME! Rich deep flavors that were a hit with my entire family. As usual it was even better the next day for leftovers that I shared with a friend at work who told me that he’d just spent the weekend with his Spanish parents and they’d talked about how they used to travel into the country and eat goat Chilindron!

    Thanks Hank for the great recipes.

  34. Leroy

    Wow what a great website! I’m from Ohio and we have our own garden,shitake and oyster mushrooms,also make my own beer and wine and do some cooking on the side for small groups. Hunting and fishing is a great pastime. I am going to try the chilindron stew with venison. We need more people like you to teach how to cook with basic foods and meat, less from prepared and prepackaged foods.

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  36. Chris Niskanen

    Made this just as Hank describes with venison, but created an added taste by using broth I had made from some smoked duck carcasses. My wife and I cook a lot with broths made of smoked and roasted wild birds and find it really adds flavors. BTW, I highly recommend this recipe, having watched Hank make it in my kitchen using snowshoe hares. A real keeper!

  37. Tom Fasasnello

    Hello Hank, I’m going to give this recipe a go, on an overnight in the Wisconsin Woods this coming Saturday. My Brother and my English Setter Gunner and I are going to be making a shelter in the morning and grouse hunting for the afternoon. We are bringing along venison, aged pheasant(thank you) and rabbit, which all came from this past season. With a grouse(hopefully) it should make for a great warming meal at that night. I’m so excited I have the mis en place ready to go. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  38. John Sloan

    Have a pot of this simmering with venison, lamb, chicken and squirrel. Smells fantastic!
    Had venison backstrap with Cumberland sauce last night. A great mix of sweet and savory flavors. Thanks for all of the great recipes.

  39. Joe Rougon

    I made a pot of this using pork stew meat. Fantastic! -But it got me thinking… Has anyone ever tried this recipe with seafood? I have a few pounds of baby octopus in my deep-freeze. I’ll let you know.

  40. Frank

    I made this in a crock pot (after browning the meat). Didn’t have a jar of roasted peppers, so I roasted some little bell peppers in the oven and gave them a quick chop. I used a bison roast and some pork chops. It was good, but probably would stick to just red meats next time.

  41. Spencer

    Hank, I have made this several times and it has become one of my families favorite dishes.thank you for introducing this dish to us!

  42. Nicole Griewahn

    This is a wonderful stew. I used venison roast, pheasant legs (can’t waste those), morels and bacon. I did not have hot paprika, so used all sweet. I was concerned the rosemary may be too strong, but it was very subtle (I’m not a big rosemary fan). I pulled the pheasant legs once tender and removed the meat from the bones, then placed back in stew. Although it takes time to make, it is easy and worth every minute put in.

  43. Ross

    This is good stuff. Made a triple batch with 10 lbs of elk meat and it was the hit of a halloween party. A few thoughts: I’m at 8,000 feet, so a simmer is lower temperature than at sea-level. Pieces didn’t even begin to get tender till about hour five, but were mazingly tender after the second reheat, probably 6 or seven hours of cooking total. By that point, the dish looks a little monochromatic — rich brown, but still a single color. Another jar of red peppers and a bit more rosemary added toward the end adds a bit of color and flavor that makes a huge difference.

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  45. Karen

    We love any type of recipe that includes lamb! I will be saving this delicious looking stew for a cold night!!! Thanks for sharing!

  46. Dan

    Just finished eating my first batch with some Thanksgiving Day Pheasant. Amazing! I did one thing I haven’t seen mentioned. If your using dried mushrooms, rehydrate them in the wine. By just soaking in water and tossing, your wasting a lot of flavor. I didn’t have any hot paprika around so I used some dried Chipotle powder, added a nice smokiness and a little extra heat. Thank you for the recipe Mr. Shaw.

  47. Betty

    Yes, want to try Chilindron! Reminds me of description of Polish traditional hunter’s feast dish Bigos from polish cook book by Marja Ochorwicz-Monatowa. My version is translated and adapted, so probably watered down. Venison, hare, wild boar, ham, sausage, roast veal, duck,etc. each cooked separately with various vegetables (veg. traditionally not added to main dish). Dice the separately cooked meats and stew 1/2 hr in a preparation of sauerkraut, onion, wild mushrooms salt pork, adding Madeira wine, bring to simmer and cover till served. She says it is “famous in poetry and in novels, was served at royal banquets and hunts…”

  48. will

    I used pheasant, lamb, and mule deer in my first attempt at Chilindron, and I was blown away at how much flavor comes from a relatively simply recipe. I also replaced hot paprika with smoked so that the kids could eat it, and they have been downing large portions without hesitation. It is a great way to keep pheasant moist. I also used morels, and I added the steeping water. Thanks again for a great site and great recipe.

  49. Doug

    Made the chilindron last night, “According to Hank”, with last fall’s mule deer. We had “Paprika” and “Smoked Paprika” in the spice cabinet so I ran with the smoked version, and we used fresh crimini mushrooms since we had no dried ones on hand. It’s so good! Thanks, Hank!

  50. Ignacio

    I’m Spanish, I love cooking, I live in the US and I could not stop laughing reading this post and the comments. They bring so many good memories and it is great that you love it.
    I had forgotten about Chilindrón, but I will certainly bring it back into my repertoire. It might be a little too much for sunny Florida, but I will lower the temp of my AC if necessary to enjoy this great dish.
    This is a really great site.
    Thank you Hank

  51. Sunshriek

    This was just delicious! And I, too, totally understand that craving for red – I get it a lot. Thanks for sharing a great recipe. I’m afraid to admit I made it with store-bought meat, given I live in the middle of London, England… but it was amazing all the same!

  52. Mark Nebergall

    How come whenever a recipe tells me to brown meat in olive oil I instinctively reach for the bacon grease? I’m making up a batch of this tomorrow with wild turkey. Can’t decide whether to use red or white wine. Conventional wisdom would say to use white but my instinct is saying red (thinking coq au vin).

  53. Mark Nebergall

    OK, I made a batch of this with a half-breast of a wild turkey. I used bacon grease to brown the meat and I used a slotted spoon to take the pieces out. I then put in my sliced onion and when they got to where I wanted them I added the paprika and the rosemary so that the fat I’d cooked the onions in would extract the flavor of the spices (similar to my comment on the goulash). Wow, what a recipe. Very flavorful and rich and the cooking time produced bites of turkey that were tenderized by the cooking process. A keeper.

  54. Kelly

    I can not wait to try this with the pheasant in the fridge!

  55. Scott Garrison

    Simply awesome even with grass fed beef and store bought Wright Brand bacon. Agree with Hank it’s a great way to use my jarred piquillo peppers

  56. Liesel

    I’ve made this a couple of times with elk and deer, red wine option. I usually have a problem following recipes to the letter but made a special effort on this one. Rave reviews both times. Definitely pushes that ‘red’ button that you mention. Mmmm :).

  57. Karl

    I made this stew with venison gifted to me by a hunter who hunts part of my property. I used duck fat I had rendered earlier this fall for browning the venison chunks. I took the liberty of adding carrots and celery and it was incredible. It just so happened that we had a cold front move through on the weekend I made this dish. Perfect for a chilly winter evening. I will be making this again, guaranteed!

  58. Vizzle

    Made this tonight… A-mazing!

  59. Stella

    Any suggestions for using fresh mushrooms? We don’t have any dried, and I’m snowed in. I have crimini.
    Also, should I add a lb of pork to my 2 lbs of venison stew meat, or just break out the big pack of backstrap? I’m wondering how the flavor combo of pork (loin) and venison might be. Can’t be too bad, right?

  60. Henri

    Growing up … this was a house specialty done only by my uncle on a Saturday night and in mostly a drunken state …. the fun kind! And the meat was always GOAT! Chivo!

    Came a across some Goat today …. just cause it was there!!!! And remembered those long Saturday nights of people coming and going – but mostly coming and staying for a midnight CHILINDRON ….. it was always rich, dark, mysterious and it was always Spicy and so good!

    This one for you TIO!

  61. randy

    Made this today with some venison shoulder. Could not have been better! Through in a dash of smoked paprika and drank a nice glass or two of tempranillo. Thanks Hank!

  62. Ponzio


    Would this recipe work with organ meats? I have heart, kidneys, pancreas, etc. mostly from wild boar, that I have wanted to use but don’t have any recipes.


  63. Lee

    If I was to do this with venison, would you use a little juniper? Also would you deglaze with grated onion as per your other stews and what would you say to a little tomato paste? Cheers, cooking this soon, Lee

  64. Keith Calhoun

    Looks great! Want to try it. How would it work with boneless breat of pheasant? Would you flour it first? How about quail or dove breasts? For dove & quail, would you leave the meat on the bone or cut it off also?

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