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14 responses to “Porcini-O-Rama”

  1. Ken albala

    I have been to Alinea, and I think this would fit on the menu nicely. Maybe half the portion, on a stranger plate, with someone hovering over you spraying porcini essence over your head. Sure.

    The mushroom man at the Stockton farmer’s market was in rare form yesterday. Gorgeous honking procini. I bought some beautiful morels, and when I asked where he got them, he said the Sierras. And when I asked specifically where he said Shasta. And then something else I’ve never heard of. Is that subterfuge, or what?

  2. Laura

    1974 Heitz – not scratchy. $100 dollar-bill tp? yeah, probably better not to try that.

  3. Dawn (KitchenTravels)

    Heart beating fast, eyes wide, yes… Yes… YES! To these mushroom dishes, that is. ;)

  4. philandlauren

    Bravo. One of the most beautiful food pic subjects is caramelized porcini, if done right, and they are here. Our farmer market mushroom stand is often pretty thin but we’re excited when we see porcini. Absolutely great post.

  5. Kim at Rustic Garden Bistro

    Hi Hank:

    I don’t plan to get to my three strikes, but if I do… I would have this as my last meal. Wow – way to go with duck eggs and porcini powder in the dough.

    Any suggestions on where I could forage for my own porcinis or morels in Southern CA? Is that even possible?!?!?! I’d feel more legit if I could forage for some to make these awesome-lookin’ raviolis. ;-) In the meantime, I’m stuck foraging for wild arugula in the yard. …sigh…

  6. Mari

    Please don’t stop blogging!! As a foraging newbie I often don’t know when to expect various plants to be ready. I live in Michigan so I’m a few weeks behind you. Your blog is perfect! When you blog about a plant I have a week or 2 to get my act together to go on the lookout. I would be clueless without your head’s up.

    Thank you so much!

  7. matt

    Lovely looking food there mate. Even if you did the dreaded brown sauce “plate skid” presentation! I shall now always use the term “wiping my ass with $100 bills”.

    Great food and writing mate.

  8. adele

    I spent a fall semester in Rome – right during porcini season – and just thinking about porcini risotto and ravioli is enough to make me salivate. (“Venison Comes to a Sudden Stop” is doing a pretty good job on that front, too.)

    I do have some porcini powder in my spice cabinet – I’ll have to try adding it to pasta sometime.

  9. Jessa

    We have managed to be skunked EVERY TIME we go out for porcini. Thankfully, we’ve got a pal here in town (SF) who is kind enough to soothe our frustrations with some of his (enviable) local bounty.

    I have about 3 lbs of dried morels (and the freezer’s full of chantarelles) from last year that I still need to use up, so I suppose I oughtn’t complain about this year’s mushroom luck.

    I think I’ll be thawing out some venison tenderloin this week. Tell me, do you stew your own cherries, and if so, in what? We always wind up with too many cherries and I’d love to put some up this year for recipes like this one.

  10. Carol

    A note for Kim at Rustic Garden Bistro–In So. Cal. we have the Los Angeles Mycological Society (, and its counterpart in San Diego. We had a Mother’s Day weekend morel foray and campout in the San Bernardino Mountains, since that was historically the peak of the very brief So. Cal. morel season. High hopes due to lots of snow pack over the winter–but we got skunked (40 people, 2 days…three little morels. Boo-hoo!). So, maybe next year…Anyhow, you might want to hook up with one of these groups to learn more about where and when to find edible mushrooms in So. Cal. It’s a really nice group of people, even without the ‘shrooms!

  11. BayArea Forager

    I friend referred me to your blog a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I find myself wandering back here whenever I’m browsing the net aimlessly.

    You end this posting with a yearning for fall boletes… Well, the fall boletes are up and in enormous abundance! I collected somewhere in the ballpark of 30 pounds yesterday and I’m always looking for new ways to prepare them. You need to get out there for some foraging because I would LOVE to see some more of your recipes! :-)


    - BA Forager

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