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67 responses to “Chanterelles and the Sexiest Soup Ever”

  1. sspencer

    I just made this tonight as part of my annual “welcome Fall” dinner … I had about 1/3 wild mushrooms and the rest were portabellas. I “veganized” this–I used vegetable broth, soymilk for the cream, olive oil for the butter and a vegan egg product. but otherwise 1 to 1, instructions included. it turned out *awesome* and is a permanent addition to our recipe list. thank you for this.

  2. Jenny

    That mushroom soup looks AMAZING! I found your post while searching for good cream of mushroom soup recipes and this is by far the yummiest looking. The chanterelle season in the Pacific Northwest has been incredibly fruitful this year! Much better than 2012 when they were sparse and covered in mold. After two quick trips out this weekend, we have several baskets full, along with some Chicken of the Woods…the first I’ve ever seen in person. Anyway, I have some work to do with preserving these and one of my plans was to make large batches of mushroom soup to freeze to cook with throughout the year. And of course, I will have some fresh for dinner tonight! Thank you for the recipes.

  3. Jolene

    We visited the forest today and came away with a great haul of Chanterelles. First with our dinner we sautéed them in butter and fresh garlic. Removed the excess butter/water added some white wine cooked down then added sour Creme. Salt and pepper to taste, yum! Now we get to make Creme of Mushroom soup. I can’t wait to try your recipe. Thank you.
    Here in the Pacific NW we love our wild mushrooms, and we love trying new ways of enjoying them. They are so good for you!

  4. Stefanie Stewart

    Oh mmmm! Thanks for this great soup idea. Yes its sex in a bowl. Costco had fresh chanties from the NW so I made this with with goat milk instead of cream, lemoncello and white wine, fresh egg yolks and fresh lemon thyme from the yard. OmG! I need a cigarette!

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  6. Erin@SaltFatWhiskey

    Just made this gorgeous soup last week and thought I’d share my little adaptation! I harvested some lobster mushrooms and was gifted chanterelles (oh, the many joys of living in Oregon!) and then used your recipe as a guide.

    You can find it here:

    Many thanks for providing such great info and inspiration!

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  8. Alex

    Outstanding recipe, and excellent explanations for each step. I made some minor substitutions based on what I had on hand, and it still turned out perfectly. Thanks for putting it together and providing exactly what I wanted to do with my chanterelles.

  9. Randy McCall

    This will be our third batch of this soup this year I’m preparing – I’ve brought some of our mushroom haul this year down to our friends in CA (the 2013 season on the Oregon coast was incredible!) and introducing it to some folks who haven’t yet experienced the pleasure of this dish. We’ll be preparing for the friends get together after the traditional turkey feasts with family, so MUCH more fun! Braised lamb shanks, PNW smoked wild chinook salmon, organic pear tarts from or orchard – what’s not to like, and as this soup is the first course it will set the standard for the evening along with a friends ’08 Gerwurtzraminer and later some really nice ’09 Pinots from our front yard. Thanks so much for this recipe – it’s truly one that needs NO adjustments.

  10. Shea

    I harvested chanterelles this fall. There were too many to eat fresh ( crazy I know) so we learned the best way to preserve them is to sauté the water out, vacu seal and freeze. So, your recipe ( which sounds incredible) calls for 1 lb fresh. How would I substitute?

  11. Sage58

    Hey Stephanie Stuart – was that you I wrestled for the last pound? LOL! I made this too, with all my best organic dairy but with a less than stellar brandy and now I know what all the “goils is talkin’ ’bout”!! OMG, having a smoke right now. What was amazing is that I normally season to death my food, but forgot ’til the end of the recipe to even salt. Only added a 1/3 tsp. salt and omitted the pepper altogether. And I doubled the recipe!! Insane that that tiny amount of salt seasoned 8 servings! Really boasts to the incredible amount of flavor in this soup. Many Kudos for the recipe.

  12. Josh

    Thank you very much for the recipe. I made this up this evening with some lovely winter chanterelles. I substituted vegan ingredients, vegetable stock, coconut milk for the cream, egg substitute, and a vegan margarine product for the butter. It turned out beautifully. I did not strain it, so the soup had a bit of texture to it. Thanks again

  13. Dean Iversen

    I made this recipe with a variation, fresh Chantrells, I also subbed the chicken stock for beef, much heariter and more woodsy, I then went with 4 cups beef stock + 1 cup cream.. and after I married the base with the veloute I put it in my vita mix and gave it a good whirl, vita mix can actually cook the soup left to spin long enough but I didnt do that, it also incorporates a lot of air into the mixture and makes it so velvity, I then incorporated (tempered) that mix into the egg mix as directed, couple drops of hot sauce in my bowl.. :-) YUM

    thanks, for the recipe my first time at making mushroom soup and it came out nice…

  14. BarbaraW

    First time experience with chanterelles…found your recipe and put it together this morning. WONDERFUL! Thanks so much!

  15. Jim

    I luv this recipe! I’ve been making it for about 3 years now. I found that the chicken mushroom (sulfer shelf) makes a fine replacement. I also do like to strain the soup to remove the lumps. The family likes it better that way. I reserve the lumpy portion to use in a scallopped potato type dish. Mmmm good!

  16. Lynn

    A week or so ago I discovered–to my absolute delight–that chanterelles grow in the woods on my property! As of yesterday, I’ve collected a total of six pounds. After I found this recipe, I went into the woods and collected a fresh pound and used it immediately to make it. I followed the recipe to the letter, and it turned out beautifully. In fact, it was divine. I baked a loaf of French bread and opened a bottle of Pinot Grigio to go with it. Dinner was a little slice of heaven. Thank you for sharing your brilliance!

  17. Martha

    This soup was amazing! The brandy really makes it.

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