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14 responses to “Braised Rabbit, and a New Way to Look at Food”

  1. mdmnm

    I was fortunate to receive “The Flavor Bible” for Christmas this year and it has already become a go-to book. Whether putting together a sauce or salad and thinking “this needs something more” or trying to combine odds and ends in the pantry and freezer, it really is handy and hasn’t led me wrong yet.

  2. Angry Brit

    Squeak! I love that book. I bought it a few months ago and it has quickly become my dessert-island cookbook. At his point, I am not entirely sure what I would do without it.

  3. we are never full

    i’ll have to keep an eye out for this book. but i give you credit – the real, truly good cook is able to create without the framework of a recipe. it kinda separates the boys from the men! great job – this looks fabulous!

  4. Chris

    I will have to pick up copies of both of these books. I notice more and more often that while there are some shows on Food Network (and Bravo, Top Chef) that I watch for their sheer entertainment value, more often than not I watch shows to glean little bits of technique or pairing ideas, not full recipes or meal ideas.

  5. adele

    Mmm. I love the idea of expressing the duality of March in a recipe.

  6. Alanna @ Kitchen Parade

    Michael Ruhlman maintains that your two favorites are indeed ‘cook’ books. All the others are ‘recipe’ books. Did you start the Flavor Bible craze? Elise gave me a copy, it’s a real treasure for those wanting to hone their culinary instincts.

  7. suburbanbushwacker

    great post Hank really inspirational, especially as i’ve been live on microwave cookery in a hotel for nine weeks. You’ve turned arragghhh to awwwwwww

  8. Bill

    I love rabbitt! We just ate the last frozen jackrabbit of the season last week. A simple stew with potatoes, carrots, celery, cabbage, onion, bay leaf, thyme, salt, pepper, dressed at table with Worcestershire sauce and served with buttermilk buiscuits.

  9. Kevin

    If I’m not mistaken, I’ve read the same authors’ book on food and wine pairing a few times, and had similar moments as you describe. I highly recommend it. Glad you mentioned these books – I’ll have to check them out asap.

  10. Anthony Davis


    I have a few ten week old domestic rabbits I’ve been raising. Since they’re young, will the braising dry out the meat? Older animals hold up (and improve) with the braising. Wondering about the younger bunnies.


  11. Warren A. Dennis

    I love the Flavor Bible. It gets used weekly in our home. Thanks for posting this Hank.

  12. Shevaun

    I made this last night and it was great! We don’t have much growing in the BC interior yet, but we did have some walking onions in the garden that I put to use. Thanks for the recipe and the book recommendations 🙂 Also found the same recipe here, thought you might like to know – though he’s upped the brandy and spring onions by typo I think…

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