Duck and Goose Giblets Recipes

corned gizzards with spaetzle on a plate
Photo by Holly A. Heyser

Wondering what to do with your duck or goose giblets? While you can certainly make a giblet gravy or toss giblets into the stockpot, here are recipes for hearts, livers and gizzards that stand on their own.

Concentrated Duck or Goose Stock

This magical, concentrated stock is made from leftover carcasses, giblets and even duck feet.

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easy duck liver recipe

Simple Seared Duck Liver

When life gives you nice livers, cooked them simply, like this.

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giblet bolognese recipe

Italian Giblet Bolognese

A variation on the classic Italian Bolognese sauce for pasta, you’ll see this recipe all around Tuscany. A great way to introduce people to eating giblets.

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duck gizzard confit on a plate

Duck Gizzards Confit

Slow-cooked duck or goose gizzards served with sauteed wild mushrooms and caramelized onions.

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Crispy fried duck tongues on a platter.

Crispy Fried Duck Tongues

Yep, you can eat duck tongues. This recipe is a bit involved, but it makes one of the best bar snacks ever.

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corned gizzards and cabbage recipe

Corned Gizzards and Cabbage

My take on corned beef and cabbage. Gizzards cooked so slow and low they almost fall apart, served with cabbage or broccoli raab and a malt vinegar dressing.

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A bowl of Cajun dirty rice

Cajun Dirty Rice

An easy way to ease yourself into eating giblets. A perfect starter recipe.

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duck liver ravioli

Duck Liver Ravioli

One of my favorite things to do with duck livers.

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liver creme caramel

Wild Game Liver Creme Caramel

Yeah, it’s a little crazy… crazy good! You won’t be disappointed if you give this a try.

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Duck Heart Tartare Puttanesca

Yep. Raw duck hearts, chopped fine in a tartare inspired by pasta puttanesca. It’s one of the best dishes on this website. Trust me.

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Deviled duck hearts

Deviled Duck Hearts

Inspired by British Chef Fergus Henderson’s recipe, this is an easy dish to make with duck hearts. They’re sauteed with a mustardy sauce.

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