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5 responses to “Ramp Pesto”

  1. Carolyn

    I just made this the other day, and it’s absolutely fantastic!

    And great tip about blanching – blanching not only helps maintain the green color of this pesto, but it also seems to mitigate the “ramps are so strong that I have ramp breath and I’m sweating ramp-scented sweat for days” effect, too.

  2. Coco in the Kitchen

    We adore pesto and often make it fresh at home, but I’ve never thought to put anything oniony other than garlic into mine.
    I’ll look for ramps at our farmers’ market, but may run to the store for scallions tonight just for a test run.

  3. Joe

    I totally agree with the blanching suggestion, a trick I learned from my Grandmother who lives in Greenbrier county WV, (where they still send children home from school if they’ve eaten ramps the previous evening). I’ve made this version a few times and is a wonderful way to eat ramps but I admit I don’t always blanch them. Black Walnuts can add an earthy taste and smoked almonds are equally wonderful. As an accompanyment to morels and/or fresh trout this is a celebration of spring in the Appalchians.

  4. Carolyn

    Love this recipe ? It was delicious. Thank you hank

  5. Paula Youmell

    Next time you make it (hurry, when the trees leaf out the wild leeks say goodbye quickly) add sauteed stinging nettle tops to the pesto. Very yummy mixed with leeks.

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