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17 responses to “Goose Stew with Barley and Mushrooms”

  1. Tyler

    Well, if you’re hankering for a bit different shoot, head over to the Dakotas in a couple month for our spring conservation season. No limits on snows. Electronic calls are A-OK. Unplugged shotguns, the norm. People may call it hunting, but I call it what it is: population control to save the tundra. You get in the right area, at the right time, and burning through a case of shells in a day isn’t unheard of. Of course, there’s the ever-present mud to deal with, but usually a 1,000-plus flock of geese working a spread will make a man forget about such inconveniences…

  2. Chris

    Excellent! Here in NY, where the daily limit is 25 snow geese, I have been looking to figure out some recipes before I call any guides.

    Awesome book, by the way, looking forward to the next!

  3. Christian

    As Tyler described in the Dakotas, Arkansas does the same thing: No plugs, no limits, and electronic calls permitted.

  4. Trish Short Lewis

    man that looks good. 🙂

  5. Evan!

    I’m going on a snow goose hunt in PA (I live in WV) in March. the daily limit on snows there is, like Chris in NY, 25 per guy per day. gonna need a lot of snow goose recipes (2 day hunt!), so keep ’em coming! I’ll probably make a lot of goose sausage.

  6. Bob Johnson

    Thanks for this timely post. We got a blue goose at Los Banos on Sunday I am trying to figure what to do with. You are right they don’t die easily. We shot this one but it didn’t look like it was hit. It ended up landing on the path back to the parking lot just before the closed area. When my son went back to the truck about an hour later he saw it in the tules and had to chase it as it ran down the path with a broken wing.

  7. mike rivera

    Seven of us just finished taking seventy two snows, blues, and ross South Texas style. Thanks for the tips. The other hunters seemed to think snows make great jerky. Have you ever tried this? How would you describe the taste so that I can make an educated guess of things to do? And around here, even though there are tons of specks, the cranes usually get the “ribeye of the sky” title. Anyway thanks again, great post.

  8. brent

    Just made this and it turned out great! I altered the recipie slightly by using fresh baby portabella and shitake’s. Not many mushrooms to scrounge in the forrest right now where I live. I also used canada and a hodgepodge of duck legs instead of snows.


  9. Cooper

    I smoke the breasts when they are fresh in a little olive oil, salt, and pepper and they are great! Hopefully I can bag a few more and try your recipe.

  10. Mom's Dish

    This looks so amazing. Definitely Russian, my husband is from Siberia and he loves barley and mushrooms

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  12. David

    Just went on my first duck hunt and got a limit of diver ducks. Would you brine them before using them for this recipe? What about one of the schnitzel dishes? Trying to figure out if I can combat the fishiness early on.

    Dave Mather

  13. Will Garrett

    I had forgotten that you used Snows for this recipe and hence had skinless legs. I used Canadas I had in the freezer with the skin still on. The stew was very greasy. Luckily I made it late last night to reheat today so I was able to skim the fat off the top before reheating for dinner. Turned out great. Delicious recipe! (As usual)

  14. Carol Fremder

    I made this yesterday. Awesome. The whole pot was eaten in one sitting. Is there a similar version of this that can be made with venison?

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