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54 responses to “Swedish Pickled Herring”

  1. Sue Sullivan

    To Ken Albala – You can probably catch Jack Smelt from a pier in Stockton, they are very like herring and bite well on raw shrimp or bacon. Fishing from a pier in Bodega Bay, CA, two people brought in 27 fish between a foot and 18″ long, in one morning. Pickled with onion and lemon per the Glasmastersil recipe, they filled 10 quart mason jars with tasty beauty! I tasted them on day two and found them edible but the bones had not yet dissolved. We cut up our Jack Smelt into quarter inch thick steaks. The Fish and Game website says pickling does not kill roundworms, so microwave the fish on high for two minutes and let them cool before serving them.
    Leave out half the sugar in this recipe for a more savory fish.
    If you have a garden, put the heads, tails, and guts in a covered bucket with water and let it decay into liquid fish. Dilute this heavily with more water before using it on your garden. Corn and pumpkins prosper with some of this fertilizer a couple of times a month through the summer.
    While fishing, I saw a big halibut chasing the small smelt. You might want to bring two rods, one for smelt and one with a halibut rig, if you go fishing for your pickling fish.

  2. Kendra Valentine (@MissKendraV)

    This recipe is great! I live in Sweden and it was right on for my guests at Midsummer. I also made a special fusion flavor for herring for Jul (Christmas) it’s a spicy Korean Kimchee herring… really good! I make a video for it… you can find that and the recipe on my blog here:

  3. Gary Fleener

    Just caught some herring at Richmond Point with my son. Sabikis were the ticket. Half the catch went to these pickles, half to the smoker following your recipe in the book. Great eats! Thanks!!

  4. Colorful Canary

    Thanks for the recipe! Looks delish! I featured it on my blog:

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