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2 responses to “Cow Parsnip Gnocchi with Carrot Consomme”

  1. Jacob Brock

    This recipe looks delicious!

    I am glad you warned people about the sap. While clearing out the parsnips that wintered over, I brushed some of the foliage against my side. Two days later I had what appeared to be itchy spider bites, which then turned to large painful blisters. Several of the blisters popped and are now large scars (3 months later). It took about a week or so before all the pain had receded. The blisters that did not rupture have now just become dark spots. I had purchased these seeds from a heirloom seed bank and suspect that they are closer to the wild parsnip, which can also burn you. I would just wear long sleeves and be careful while harvesting.


  2. Sarah Taber

    Yeah, that wild parsnip can be nasty. I’ve heard of pretty bad scarring from the lesions.

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