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58 responses to “Venison Steak Diane”

  1. Beth

    For my taste buds, and my beautiful young doe, this is wayyyyy too much flavor. Totally overwhelms the delicious flavor of the deer, and this one I shot was so tender and young it really had no game flavor at all. I LOVE the flavor of venison, don’t need any mustard on it, will keep to a super rare grill or pan sear and a little dab of soy or Worcestershire sauce, if anything.

  2. Sanchari

    I made it today for dinner with venison. It was very good. Whoever likes steak/meat should try this. The sauce is to die for. Definitely a keeper. Thank you

  3. Alanna Kellogg

    Hi Hank,

    Excellent! We made this for eight for a Boxing Day dinner last night, only suggestion is to double the sauce, it’s that good.

    TIP: our venison loins this year were quite large, so we wanted to cut them, frozen, to have just enough for last night. This Wusthof meat saw is amazing: like cutting butter through frozen meat and on Christmas day, to cut bone-in ham in half. Might be good to ask Santa for!

    QUESTION: The loin we cut was a gift and wrapped in a light paper that followed the form of the meat just beautifully, no apparent air pockets. I’d love to get more of this for wrapping meat before going in the freezer. Any idea what it might have been?

    Many thanks for all you do – -

  4. Eric

    Delicious. Very rich, but going in the recipe book for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. HorseDoctor

    Excellent Steak Diane recipe! I have done Steak Diane with 3 or 4 different recipes over the years and this as good as it gets. I did add some sauteed mushrooms because I had a handful that needed used up but otherwise followed recipe exactly. This is now my “go to” edition of Steak Diane.

  7. Candy

    I am going to be cooking this dish for a few friends and one of them cannot have alcohol of any kind. How can I substitute the brandy?

  8. Ella

    Amazing recipe. I will definitely make again (and again). I think that I am probably going to make all of your recipes eventually (I made your German Rabbit Stew and put it over homemade pasta—absolutely wonderful. It was the best rabbit I have ever had and I have had some pretty great rabbit dishes in the past).

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