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81 responses to “Venison Steak Diane”

  1. Jeff

    This looks spectacular, Hank! Just in time for deer season!

  2. steve


    I am supposed to stay at work for another eight hours, after seeing THAT!

    I might have to get ‘sick’, go home, and get out some venison….

    …that just looks amazing.

    (Thanks, Great job, Hank!)

  3. Yasmin

    I just happen to have a backstrap in the freezer! I can’t wait to try the recipe this weekend. Thanks!

  4. Charade

    My mom used to serve this with a huge amount of thick cut onions encircling the medallions. She added them about five minutes before adding the cream. Thanks for the memories!

  5. Joie

    Wow. As if I didn’t have reason enough to try for my own deer this year, you present me with this luscious dish. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Rhonda

    This year I’m making sure I keep my back strap whole so I can prepare this! It’s been, umm, decades since I’ve had it.

  7. Stella

    Venison STEAK DIANE! Wow, sometimes I think Ive lost my memory.
    As a young woman I worked as a hostess/table side chef at a schmancy dining establishment. One of the dishes I cooked was steak Diane. Ummmmm, I can still taste the rich, deep sauce (that was 30 yrs ago too). I used to flame it at the end for presentation.
    70 % of what we eat is venison. I actually do have a whole tenderloin in the freezer that I meticulously trimmed during the annual deer processing. I will be making this as soon as it thaws. All these years of cooking venison and I never thought to make this. I can hardly wait. Thanks for the head rush.

    PS! Wheres the mushrooms Hank!

  8. Duke

    Great suggestion Hank. I’ve got a nice cut of Oryx just waiting to be eaten.

  9. Nic Jenzen-Jones

    Great looking recipe. We’ve got some good venison down here in South-Western Australia, so I’m keen to give this a try. Cheers.

  10. marcardus

    This is my go to sauce for red meat since I had it on the menu of a restaurant in San Francisco in the late ’90’s. I also use it for a base for au poivre, just heavily pepper the protien and add green peppercorns to the sauce. Love your blog Hank Keep it up!

  11. Me

    This looks delicious! I can’t wait to try the recipe. Thanks for sharing Hank.

  12. Susan in the Boonies

    Love Steak Diane!

    I’m so retro, it’s hilarious!

    Great idea for what to do with a backstrap!

  13. DiggingDogFarm

    Looks delicious!
    I never tire of venison and can never get enough, it’s what we grew up on! : )


  14. Tyler

    I feel compelled to reply to this recipe.
    I cooked it up for my wife, and followed the recipe nearly to a T. The only thing different was replacing the shallots with onions…not because I felt this would improve the dish, but because it was all I had.
    Let me first say that I’m by no means a food savvy person. I only recently (within the last 5 years or so) learned the proper way to cook wild game. That said, I have a few go-to dishes that I use for the myriad of game I use, and tend to not vary from the trend.
    HOWEVER, I decided to make Venison Diane, mostly because I had virtually all the ingredients handy and I actually had a 3/4 pound hunk of backstrap still in the freezer.
    Without getting too detailed, I’ll just spell it out for everyone: incredible. That’s it. This recipe is, without a doubt, the most delicious, perfect, most amazing way of serving venison I have ever tasted. The sauce is rich and succulent; the meat, tender and juicy. I served it with a side of mashed potatoes and green beans, and used a huge hunk of bread to sop up all that heavenly sauce.
    If I didn’t feel I’d burn myself out on it too soon, I’d probably cook all of my backstrap this way. It really is THAT good! Thanks a ton Hank!!!

  15. Archer2010

    Wow! Thanks for this recipe. I was cleaning out the freezer in anticipation of this year’s season when I found an overlooked piece of backstrap. I had stumbled across your recipe a few days earlier, but thought it would have to wait until a deer was down this year.

    Anyway, followed your recipe closely, and the result was simply delicious. My wife and I enjoyed it immensely. Served with maque choux, a crusty baguette, and a fine pinot noir. Great meal; thanks again.

  16. Lee

    I found this site while looking for venison consomme and came across the other venison recipes. I knew I had a half backstrap from a younger spike in the freezer. This venison Diane was incredible, this recipe is wonderful and fun to cook. I also made some with a beef filet. I like the way you write and the advice you give on the meat etc. It is great to see various ways to cook game. Looking forward to trying the others.

  17. kathy lynde

    Made this last night using farmed venison medallions. It was the best venison dish i have ever made, will be making this more often. great recipe!

  18. melissa

    I made this the other night and it was amazing!!!!the best venison I have ever made by far. Highly recommend.

  19. Sheryl Coltman

    My husband proudly presented me with a piece of deer tenderloin, having never cooked let alone eaten Bambi my reaction was not what he expected…..I was terrified, what if I get it wrong! After scouring the internet for recipes I found Hank’s Venison Diane recipe and put my life in his hands… what an easy recipe and the venison was heavenly we will be having deer again……Thanks.

  20. Lisa Whitley

    After reading all of the great reviews I knew I had to try this! This was the most excellent venison recipe I’ve tried to date….I followed the recipe to a T other than adding some fresh mushrooms. All I can say is I had to make myself stop eating because the venison was tender, cooked to perfection, and the sauce was just extraordinary! I will certainly make this again and again, and then some more! Thank you for sharing what is now “the best venison recipe ever” in my book! And by the way, I do have your book! Great stuff 😉

  21. tony charles

    damn best best recipe I have ever made!

  22. joe

    Outstanding recipe, thank you very much! I used it to convert my skeptical sister in law, she raved about it. I can’t wait to have it again.

  23. Alex

    This recipe is amazing! My bf and I eat a lot of venison so I’m always looking for new recipes. It was so good my bf served himself 2 full plates! Just out of curiousity, what kind of mustard do you use? I wasn’t sure so I did a 50/50 yellow mustard/spicy brown mustard. Thanks!

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  26. John Cox

    It is a good and easy recipe. I put mushrooms in mine and they soaked up some sauce and went well with it. Very good and different from Mom & Grandma’s chicken fried deer steaks with gravy that I had always had.

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  28. Jim C

    Yet another great recipe from Hank. I found yhe site a year ago while looking for something to do with geese. Now after a few batches of goose mortadella(a family favorite)I cook all that Hank posts. Great, and I mean truly great work. Happu new year.

  29. Barnaby Morgan

    A high of -8 today in northern Wisconsin…a great day to make venison stock. I then made steak Diane…my wife thinks I’m a hero…another wonderful dish from your website. Thank You

  30. Cristy

    I have some back strap handy, but was wondering if anyone can advise as to what kind of mustard to use? Thanks

  31. Nelson Esseveld

    I just had an orgasm in my mouth, this was quite possibly the best dish I have had in a while. I used Elk backstrap and paired the dish with a Primitivo wine by Layer Cake (vintage 2010) Thank you for sharing this recipe as it will be a moment in time I will never forget.

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  33. Amy

    It’s a wonderful recipe for deer meat. This justifies the purchase of my husband’s new rifle

  34. Kate

    I am a novice at preparing game. I used white tail loin from Southern Illinois. Very mild flavor. I did salt it first – don’t think I need to do that next time. This recipe was excellent served over steamed potatoes with green beans. BF said this was the best venison recipe he had ever tasted. Thank You!

  35. Regina Cross

    I really have never left a comment for a recipe but this was outstanding!! I made it last night exactly as written. I used regular mustard but might try next time with Dijon. Very very good recipe. Thanks for posting and sharing.

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  37. ian

    This was so good I bought my own copy of Hunt Gather Cook instead of borrowing my neighbor’s.

  38. Janice

    That was fantastic. Thank you Hank for coming through again. I couldn’t stop mopping up the delicious sauce with the delicious bites of venison. I will make this again!

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  40. Dawn Knaebel

    We had about 100# of mahi that we were trading for venison and assorted goodies. A friend gave us a bavkstrap and ham for some mahi. Last night I made the venison diane and holy moly, this has just become my favorite dish I’ve ever made. My father in law just took a 8point last night so hopefully I can make this dish for the family.

  41. Doug K

    thanks, this worked beautifully for a backstrap from my son’s first pronghorn. My wife does not much care for venison as a rule but cleaned the plate this time..
    We’ve eaten all the good bits now, have to check the other receipts for the less tender bits..

  42. Renee

    This is delicious. Just made it last night and brought left overs to work. Not a speck left and everyone loved it. I doubled the recipe but did not double the garlic. Fantastic!

  43. Don

    My wife and I made this tonight, and yes it is a Wednesday night. The aroma in our kitchen drove us nuts and when it was done, well, we didn’t talk at the table. This is by far the BEST recipe we have found for back strap as well as one of the easiest. Well done Hank, well done. I highly recommend this to anyone. Perfect.

  44. Brad

    Can’t wait to try it. One question: The recipie calls for mustard. Is this just plain ‘ol prepared yellow mustard or dry ground mustard?

  45. Sandra

    Thanks Hank, this is one I am definitely going to try.

  46. Sandra

    My husband is die hard hunter, therefore my freezer is full of deer meat. I am not a fan of venison but I cook for my him. I prepared this recipe and it was a hit and we had no leftovers. I have to admit it was very good and I found a way to enjoy venison.

  47. Cheryl

    Shot my first deer this year. I used this recipe for the backstraps. Delicious !

  48. JNick

    What a great recipe. My wife who I cannot get to eat venison absolutely loved it! My 21month old sons first experience with deer and finished his plate. Thank you for posting the most delicious venison recipe I have ever made or had!

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  50. Beth

    For my taste buds, and my beautiful young doe, this is wayyyyy too much flavor. Totally overwhelms the delicious flavor of the deer, and this one I shot was so tender and young it really had no game flavor at all. I LOVE the flavor of venison, don’t need any mustard on it, will keep to a super rare grill or pan sear and a little dab of soy or Worcestershire sauce, if anything.

  51. Sanchari

    I made it today for dinner with venison. It was very good. Whoever likes steak/meat should try this. The sauce is to die for. Definitely a keeper. Thank you

  52. Alanna Kellogg

    Hi Hank,

    Excellent! We made this for eight for a Boxing Day dinner last night, only suggestion is to double the sauce, it’s that good.

    TIP: our venison loins this year were quite large, so we wanted to cut them, frozen, to have just enough for last night. This Wusthof meat saw is amazing: like cutting butter through frozen meat and on Christmas day, to cut bone-in ham in half. Might be good to ask Santa for!

    QUESTION: The loin we cut was a gift and wrapped in a light paper that followed the form of the meat just beautifully, no apparent air pockets. I’d love to get more of this for wrapping meat before going in the freezer. Any idea what it might have been?

    Many thanks for all you do – –

  53. Eric

    Delicious. Very rich, but going in the recipe book for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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  55. HorseDoctor

    Excellent Steak Diane recipe! I have done Steak Diane with 3 or 4 different recipes over the years and this as good as it gets. I did add some sauteed mushrooms because I had a handful that needed used up but otherwise followed recipe exactly. This is now my “go to” edition of Steak Diane.

  56. Candy

    I am going to be cooking this dish for a few friends and one of them cannot have alcohol of any kind. How can I substitute the brandy?

  57. Ella

    Amazing recipe. I will definitely make again (and again). I think that I am probably going to make all of your recipes eventually (I made your German Rabbit Stew and put it over homemade pasta—absolutely wonderful. It was the best rabbit I have ever had and I have had some pretty great rabbit dishes in the past).

  58. rebecca

    Made this tonight. I’ve been hesitant to make the loins in the freezer. I haven’t made any venison like this since I was training to be a chef so many years ago. One of my instructors was a big fan of wild game and we made a loin with a wild mushroom veal demiglace. So, I thought I’d have to make a demglace in order to like it… WAS I WRONG! I really liked this.. couldn’t get enough! My new sweetie is a hunter and I’m glad! We will be enjoying more recipes from your site. Thank you.
    I have no idea the age of the doe this came from but the meat was tender and delicious. The sauce is great..and with the tomato and mustard is reminiscent of a veal demiglace. Great Idea.

  59. Anita

    I made this tonight and it was RIDICULOUSLY delicious!! I’m new to learning how to prepare venison and this recipe makes me feel like I could honestly grow to love venison! I appreciate the way you word your recipes and I found this one very easy to follow. Waiting for the husband to get home now…can’t wait to see his reaction! Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe.

  60. afracooking

    I was thinking about making Venison this weekend – could not think of how to prepare it, but now finding your recipes I am spoilt for choice – love this version!

  61. afracooking

    In the end I made wild boar steaks, but except for that I stuck to the above recipe and the sauce turned out amazing – beautiful with some German Servietten Dumplings and braised red cabbage. Fabulous fall food! Thanks for the recipe!

  62. don

    my wife Wendy and i loved it,thanks for sharing

  63. john

    My wife and I enjoyed this last night, and it was absolutely wonderful! I shot a young 4×4 whitetail buck this season that was nice and fat from farm living – the steaks were marvelous with this recipe.

  64. Justin

    I made this last night but cooked the backstrap sous vide. Hands down the best meal I’ve ever prepared. Thanks Hank!

  65. Ivy

    Whoa! This is fabulous! I’ve tried various recipes for Steak Diane over the years (started out with Betty Crocker’s ages ago), but this… THIS is the best ever!

    Made it last night with backstrap from the 8 point buck hubs got this year, and he did, indeed, lick the plate. Agree that doubling the sauce is a good idea.

  66. Mandy

    I just made venison steaks for the first time and your cooking instructions, including the resting time during sauce prep were SPOT ON. Perfect medium rare!

    But I also found that the sauce was a bit too strong for the venison. Maybe only a teaspoon of Worcestershire and add the mustard bit by bit–to taste. The recipe as is would be perfect for steak but is too strong for venison. I also added sauteed mushrooms to the sauce. Mmmm. Thanks for this great recipe!

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  68. Joanne Dudley

    Wow!! Everything I read from your excerpts are absolutely great! It takes a good writer to really keep my attention especially when all I am looking for is a great venison recipe on how to cook it best. And I find myself copying and pasting everything you have written about venison. Thank you for taking the time to post what you have posted on venison. It has made day knowing that I have a lot to learn and can thru your experiences and know how. Yes, I read where you don’t know it all… but you truly know more than most. A great big thanks!! Joanne

  69. lana long

    Hank, I’ve been trying ev recipe you have. I came back to this one last eve not for venison, forgot to thaw but for the sauce. I put it on homemade pasta. oh my gosh! I’ve tried Diane’s in the finest European restuarants, nothing as fine. You nailed this one!

  70. Clay Williamson

    Made last night. Super sauce Hank. Thanks so much.

  71. Dale Meyer

    I prepared Venison Diane using this recipe a couple of years ago and it was superb. Everyone loved it! Now with fresh venison backstrap in the freezer I’m ready to do it again for this Thanksgiving weekend.

  72. Theresa

    Wanted to prepare venison tenderloin for Christmas dinner and looked up your page to see what my best options were. Looked at all your recipes and decided to go with the Steak Diane. Holy smokes!…this was sublime! My company was raving, and later asked for the recipe. I sent a link to your site, since all your recipes are amazing. And I love all what you write to go along with it.

  73. S Root

    Ok, this was beyond Amazing! I work in fast food ans a guest o min gave me venison back strap, no idea how to prepare it. My husband said it was quit a cut of meat. So searching for a recipes I came upon yours, yes, my husband and I just finished our Venison Steak Diane, Amazzzzzzzzing!!! I followed the recipe to a T as they say. This IS my recipe for the trophy dinners I will make! Can’t thank you enough!!
    ps i, we are still licking are lips for the very last drop!

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  75. Stephanie

    Made this for my hunters tonight— they loved it. The blackstrap came cooked PERFECTLY and like filet mignons. I showed them you can actually cook deer in something other than chili tacos spaghetti or sloppy joes!!! Thank you so much for this recipe!

  76. Tammy Renea @SanPasqualsKitchen

    My husband and I were given a venison backstrap, and I had no idea what to do with it. I found your recipe, and since we’re not hunters, all I could think is how am I going to get more of this! It was incredibly good. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe.

  77. Kay

    Hello Hank!
    This looks so yummy, but here is my problem: I am out of backstrap and was trying to alter this recipe that looks to-die-for into a successful recipe for a tougher cut of meat. I have stew meat left. How would you suggest I minimally alter this to make a “Stew Diane” that I could cook for an extended time to tender up, but not lose the gist of your recipe. (Obviously I could hold the cream until the meat was tender, but what else to keep the flavor and have more liquid avail for stewing the meat…)

  78. Sheryl

    This was delicious! The sauce complimented the venison perfectly.

  79. Jan Peterson

    We made this for dinner this evening and it was wonderful. I was really impressed with how easy your directions were to follow right down to really helpful hints like colors to look for. Thanks so much for this yummy recipe.

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