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18 responses to “Corned Gizzard Confit”

  1. MNAngler

    Boy, that really looks yummy. No sarcasm intended or suggested.

  2. Andrew

    If you want to use olive oil, just put the amount you want in the vacuum bag and put the whole bag in the freezer (upright so the oil won’t spill). After a few hours, the oil will be solid. Put in the gizzards and then seal. Since I don’t have a chamber vacuum, this is how I seal anything liquid. Occasionally, I want to seal something that has too much sugar/salt/alcohol to set up in the freezer. In this case, mix in a little gelatin, let it set and then seal.

  3. Carolina Rig

    Great recipe Hank. Hopefully a limit of turkey’s this Spring will yield enough gizzard to give it a try. 5 weeks and counting!

  4. Kim Graves

    Hank, you get no caramelization this way. Don’t you need it? I need to play with sous vide – I know nothing about it. Best, Kim

  5. Tamra

    Hank, this looks like such a killer dish and I’m definitely going to make it. I’m just wondering how well you think a Crock-Pot would work here instead of the the sealed bag thing?

  6. kate hill

    hey Hnak, you might just get the Gascon Legion of Honor for this one. We probably consume more gesiers per person than the average frenchman down here in foie gras land. I just completed a week of conserving fat ducks and geese, this will certainly go on my menu. Thanks! and come see us soon…

  7. Christine

    I love this recipe and plan to use it often. No duck or goose gizzards up my way however, but I can get containers of chicken gizzards and hearts and am thinking that including the hearts couldn’t be a bad thing. What do you think?

  8. Andrew

    The Crockpot really isn’t the best solution. Most slow cookers actually get to the same temperature whether you select low or high. The difference is that low takes longer to get to that temperature. If you want to use your slow cooker, you really need to know the temperature your cooker gets to. What I do is put the thing on low and let it go for a few hours with the lid off and then take the temp of the water. Then put the lid on for a couple hours and take the temp again. Repeat that process with the cooker set to high. Finally, test how hot it gets with the lid on and off with the cooker set to warm.

    I actually do all my confit in the slow cooker, but I have a PID to control the temperature.

  9. Shotgunner

    how do you clean the gizzard before you freeze it? I mean, get the food and stuff out. I just tossed a few because they smelled like poo. I dont eat poo.

  10. Shemack

    Thank you for the wonderful recipe. We are small flock producers and I hate to see any part of our wonderful pastured birds go to waste. My first thought, like Tamra, was that a slow cooker might do the job, however I’ll be sure to check the temps first. My oven has a keep warm option at 170 degrees farenheit. An oven poach might work for the sous-vide stage. What are your thoughts on that?


  11. Adriana

    Am I reading the recipe correctly? You start out the mushrooms in a dry pan and add the fat later?

  12. April Cutshall

    Any recipes for pickled duck gizzard like turkey gizzard??

  13. Rebecca

    Hi Hank. I just processed five Muscovies. I split the gizzards, cleaned out the grit and removed the coarse lining. Do I also need to remove the smooth, white lining inside the gizzard, in order to make this recipe? Or do I leave it on?

    Thanks! Love your website.

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