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13 responses to “Green Garlic and Pink Pork”

  1. Chris

    Good to see someone defending pork cooked to temperature. Beautifully cooked I might add.

  2. Audrey

    I read that piece — which was in favor of meat for the masses, but against both factory farming and pasturing, and with no solution for how to provide that meat. I couldn’t agree with you more. Pork tastes completely different cooked to pink, and though trichnosis is a problem (if a treatable one), most meat is cooked to high enough temps before ingestion. Good point on freezing, too.

  3. ntsc

    If you do dry cure, as I do, you take care to freeze the meat long enough and at a low enough temperature. My chest freezer is set for
    -20, measured.

    Even if you want to cook pork to well done, which I haven’t wanted to do in years, free range is tastier.

    The third from last picture on this blog post is a piece of beef siitting next to a piece of pork from a slow food butcher. Dietrich’s.

  4. Annie

    There is a nice piece refuting the Times’ piece in the April 15 Huff Post. Sorry I haven’t got the time to find the link for you. Your dish sounds wonderful!

  5. Ryan

    I’m happy to see you weigh in on this Hank. I’ll be the first to admit that dealing with politics as a whole is unsavory, but sometimes speaking out is important. You were the first person I thought of when I was sent that NYTimes piece, and now I feel better knowing for sure that it was full of bunk.

  6. Garrett

    I need to hunt down some green garlic, that sauce sounds just too damn good.

  7. sportingdays girl

    The dinner sounds and looks incredible. Just imagining first bite is good enough. BTW – I’m sitting outside eating handfuls of snap peas for lunch — farm stand fresh, probably picked this morning while I was making coffee. “They’re heeeeeere….”

  8. Murasaki Shikibu

    It’s always good to know the facts instead of someone else’s version of the distorted facts!

  9. islandexile

    Thanks, Hank, for the good, sensible discussion of the issue and for the wonderfully delicious sounding recipe. We should have green garlic here in a few more weeks. We’ll count the days!

  10. Chef Apprentice

    Hank, what’s with you getting all French Laundrified? Just take that green garlic, slice it up then, stick it in a mortar with olive oil and salt, grind it all up and toss it on your lovely meat.

  11. snow thrower

    I will definitely try to cook that! 🙂

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