Sicilian Tuna Meatballs

Some days you remember forever. Last week I spent a couple days with a boatful of new friends, 40 miles offshore in search of tuna. We found them. Oh yes, people, we found them...

Squid Ink Risotto

I've compiled more than 325 recipes on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, many I've never actually blogged about. Starting today, I will be featuring a few of my favorites every month.

Harvesting Bull Pine Nuts

The more I work with wild nuts, the more I appreciate the ones you buy in the store. Shelling wild pine nuts is not the most exciting thing I've ever done, but I'm glad I did it.

Hunting Oregon Truffles

Think you can imagine the thrill of unearthing a truffle? Sorry, but you can't. Not unless you've panned for gold. Or dug diamonds. It's the same feeling, complete with the whiff of rapacious greed...

How to Make Pici Pasta

I had a few questions about the pici pasta with tomato-fennel sauce I made last week, so I thought I'd do step by step instructions on how to make pici by hand.

Beachcomber’s Risotto

Sometimes foraging, fishing and clamming at the seaside only results in a few of anything - clams, crabs, fish, etc. What to do? Make a mixed seafood meal.

Spaghetti alla Chitarra

Some men have cars as toys, others electronics. My toys are pasta-makling gadgets, and the Italian chitarra is one of my favorite - it lets you play your pasta like an instrument.

On Making Homemade Pasta

Making pasta at home is a soothing process I find utterly absorbing: knead, roll, cut, fill, shape. Pasta-making has become a journey for me, with endless combinations of flours and ingredients.

Harvesting and Cooking Nettles

Stinging nettles are coming into season here in California, so it's time to play with the Weed That Bites. Nettle pasta, anyone? How about nettle pesto or nettle ravioli?

The Mechanics of Eating Acorns

Everything you need to know using acorns for food. When to collect, what kind of oaks are best, how to leach out the bitter tannins, how to store the acorns, make acorn flour - and acorn flour pasta.