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Classes, Events, Appearances

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April 15

Sacramento, CA

Want to get more out of the ducks and geese you brought home last season? Or do you want to know – exactly – what you can do with a whole duck or goose you bought in the store? Come on down to the Sacramento Library (828 I Street, downtown) and I will walk you through the ins and outs of cooking waterfowl.

This will be a seminar with lots of Q&A — basically I hope it to be everything you ever wanted to know about cooking ducks and geese but were afraid to ask.

The event is free, and begins at 6:25 pm. There will be copies of my new book “Duck, Duck, Goose” for sale afterwards. 


digging clams in Bodega Bay

Photo by Holly A. Heyser

April 19

Bodega Bay, CA

Clamming Class

Excellent tides on a weekend?! Yes, please. I will be taking advantage of this by leading a class on how to catch Northern California’s largest clams: Horsenecks and Washington clams; the tides won’t be good enough for geoducks, though. The tide is early, so we will be in Bodega Bay and head out onto the salt flat.

***SOLD OUT***

Cost: $50 and includes brunch (I’m cooking), and a copy of either Duck, Duck, Goose: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Waterfowl, Both Farmed and Wild or my first book, Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast.

valley oak acorns

Photo by Hank Shaw

May 5

Sacramento, CA

Acorn Processing and Cooking Class

Yes, I know it isn’t acorn season, but I’ve received many requests to show people how to process and cook with acorns and acorn flour, so here’s your chance to learn first hand. I will show you how to process acorns — from whatever species — to leach out the bitterness, how to make flour, and how to cook with your acorns once you have them processed.

Acorns were the mainstay of the diet of many California Indians, especially those who lived in and around Sacramento. You’ll learn which oaks have the best acorns for eating, what’s different about each one and all you ever wanted to know about turning this normally unloved nut into a high-carbohydrate, high-protein food that’s just downright tasty.

Where: Whole Foods, 4315 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA.

When: Monday, May 5 at 6 pm.

Cost: $50, includes a copy of Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast (which has a whole chapter on acorns!)

Click here to register for the class.

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31 responses to “Classes, Events, Appearances”

  1. Mark Mennuti

    Im interested in summer of 2013 charter. Do you have dates available for when that may happen?

  2. Kathryn Howland

    I am interested in a salmon charter for 2013. Please let me know when/if one will be available. Thank you.

  3. Kevin Patterson

    My friend and I are interested in the charter. How long will we be out fishing?

  4. Rachel Cauntay

    We would love to be contacted when the 2013 trip is in the works. Thanks!

  5. christine aikens

    Hey Hank

    You should consider attending ‘Meat Off’ in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada. It is held annually on a Saturday night in Nov. (2013 date TBA) It’s a very small gathering of folks who have to make a wild game appie and pair it with a drink. The competition is fierce! We won last year with caribou sliders on brioche buns with bourbon vanilla bean milkshakes.

    You have a lot of keen fans up here… and boy do we have a great selection of wild game for you to savour.

    Cheers, Christine

  6. Lisa J

    Minnesota in February. I’m a Minnesotan and even I don’t want to be here in February. But, sounds like a fabulous talk. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  7. Warren Dennis

    Interested in the one in Austin. Please keep me posted. Also any in the Houston area that may come up.

  8. Warren Dennis


    The registration for the event is password protected and doesn’t allow registration. Is there someone to contact concerning this or is the event full already?



  9. Joe Wilson

    We have made a huge outdoor cooking event, this event has gained national and international attention. It’s the World Champion Squirrel Cook Off, and the event is held in Bentonville Arkansas on September 7th of 2013. We are looking for Cooking teams and additional Judges, if you are interested please go to for more info.
    The event is slated to have 100 teams of squirrel cookers and is a great place to try new things and meet new people. The event supports child charities and also promotes safe and responsible hunting.
    Please join us.

  10. fisch

    Been trying to learn how to hunt for the last few years. I have passed the hunter training but still not quite sure I feel confident. Wondering if you have ever thought about doing a guided hunt/cooking class.

  11. Lou

    Mr. Shaw,

    May possibly be interested in the clamming. I will get back to you in a couple of days, OK?


  12. Albert Larcina

    Hi Hank,

    I am interested in the clamming expedition this April. Please put me down for two spots if still available.

  13. Bob

    My wife and I would like to join the Bodega Bay clamming expedition.

    On a completely separate note, we were wondering whether we could get you to look over our back yard for edible flora. We’ve got a profusion of wild growth and we don’t know what most of the plants are. (We live in Lincoln, California, but I grew up in Florida and she grew up in Oklahoma.) Of course we’re willing to pay for your expertise.

  14. David Winton

    Bummer that I missed out on the clamming/edible plant event. Any plan to do it again?

  15. Sam Laher

    Hank, do you ever do any events in the Seattle area? We need you up here.

  16. colin crosby

    Howdy Sir, big fan of your wild game recipes. I ‘m interested in your Austin event and would love for you to consider a wild game cooking class…This is Texas :) Please keep us posted…

  17. Albert Gong

    Hank, I been smoking Canvasbacks using your excellent Maple recipe ! I been getting a lot of Cans have some vac. Packed in the freezer I live in Sacramento have a club in Los Banos. If you would like some Cans or a hunt email me. Albert . PS. All the members of our club love your recipe for smoked Cans…delicious is not the word..scrumptious !

  18. Tom Pick

    Have any plans to be in Bozeman,MT in 2014? I’d be happy to promote the idea with our locally owned bookstore, Country Bookshelf, if that would help.

  19. Pete

    Sorry to hear the Phoenix date was cancelled, I was looking forward to it. If you are able to add a Phoenix date later on, count me in.

  20. Pascale

    Hey Hank,

    Your website is AWESOME! I live up in Montreal and I’m becoming increasingly interested in trying out all these recipes and activities but I just don’t know where to start!
    How did you get into hunting/foraging/fishing? Was it something your family has always done or did you get into it by yourself?


  21. Joe

    Hi Hank,

    Do you have a New Orleans date in mind? I live in Biloxi and would love to attend one of your events.

  22. Joe

    Great news Hank,

    I will definitely be there, along with my wife.
    Looking very forward to it.


  23. Ben Skelley

    hi hank
    interested in stopping in Montgomery. I’d be honored to host you at my restaurant, or capitol city bookstore (great independent locally owned bookstore). let me know.

  24. Jimmy

    Hi Hank,
    I currently live in Missoula, MT but will be moving to the Bay Area in April, and I would love to plug into the hunting, foraging and fishing culture there. Do you have any more spots available in your April clamming class? Let me know! It looks great.



  25. rob clark

    Hank,spoke w/ you before on smoking salmon & it came out great. I live in Santa Rosa & would love to hit the clam dig @ Bodega before going ab diving. How can I secure a spot? keep up the great site.

  26. rob clark

    Didn’t hear back from you & I know you’re busy w/ the book tour right now. When you get a chance please let me know if there will be any additional claming classes as it appears the class has sold out.I was not able to locate the sign up page in time and still can’t locate it. Can you let me know how to sign up for these classes in the future. Thanks Rob

  27. Cari Jaye Sokoloff

    +1 for notice of additional clamming classes. ; )

  28. Rikha

    Hey Hank,

    Come to the Detroit Area sometime and teach a class.

    Sincerely, Rivkha

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