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Classes, Events, Appearances

Buck Buck Moose Book Cover

Book Tour 2016 – 2017

As old old song goes, I’m on the road again come this fall, and on into winter and early 2017.

My new cookbook, Buck, Buck, Moose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Deer, Elk, Moose, Antelope and Other Antlered Things, comes out on September 1 — but if you preorder it now, chances are you will get it a few days before then. As with my previous books, I have an extensive book tour planned to help spread the word about the book. Click on the map below and you can scroll around and see where I will be.

Many of the events are works in progress, but places and dates are firm through Christmas.

It is an ambitious schedule, and it will be taxing both on my car — I will be driving through most of the West — and on me. I’ve done long stints on the road before, and they are both exhilarating and enervating.

Why do it? Because of you. Five years ago, when Hunt, Gather, Cook came out — God, has is been five years already?! — I started with a modest tour schedule. Then I heard from you, over and over again, asking me to come to your city. I threw down the gauntlet: I’ll come if you think you can help me sell a few dozen books. You picked up that gauntlet, and again and again, showed me the kind of hospitality and generosity that still gets me a little teary-eyed, even now. That tour was a highlight of my life.

I did it again with Duck, Duck, Goose, and again, it was an amazing experience. So when it came time to plan this tour, there was no question: I had to do it again.

Anchoring most of the stops on the tour will be a venison-themed book dinner at a local restaurant: some trendy, some obscure, award-winners and unsung culinary heroes all. My hope, my goal, is to meet you at these dinners. To pack the house both for the restaurant’s sake — I make no money from the dinner itself — and yes, to sell as many copies of my book as I can. This is my tour, not one set up by a publisher, and it’s on my own dime. But for me it’s worth every penny to meet all of you in person. Whenever that happens, I learn as much from you as you from me.

In many places, such as Wisconsin, Washington state, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Oregon and of course California and Texas, I am planning several events, and at least one of these will be cheap or free. After all, not everyone can afford a $60-a-head dinner, no matter how awesome.  I get that.

No matter what the event, I need your help to make this tour a success. The goal is to sell at least 35 or so books at each event; if you can’t make it yourself, maybe you know someone who might?  Here’s what the tour looks like now:


  • September 1 – Book signing in San Francisco at Omnivore Books
  • September 2 – Demo and Book Signing in San Francisco at the Filson store (Filson, if you’re not familiar, makes some of my favorite hunting and foraging clothes.)
  • September 3 – Beer, Burgers and Books in West Sacramento at Yolo Brewing Company. We’re brewing a special beer just for this party, and there will be bison burgers, too.
  • September 7 – Venison tacos in Roseville at Nixtaco. My friend Patricio Wise is the real deal, and these will be unlike any tacos you’ll ever see. Oh yeah, and lots of craft beers, too.
  • September 9 – Book Dinner in Bend, OR at Drake
  • September 10 – Book signing and Demo in Portland at the Filson Store.
  • September 11 – Butchery demonstration and class in Portland at the Portland Meat Collective. SOLD OUT 
  • September 12 – Book Dinner in Portland at Elder Hall
  • September 13 – Book Dinner and Presentation on How to Get the Most from Your Venison and book signing in Longview, WA at the Hop-n-Grape Smokehouse Pub.
  • September 14 – Cooking Demo and Book signing in Seattle at the Book Larder
  • September 15 – Book Dinner in Bellingham, WA at Ciao Thyme
  • September 16 – Book signing and Demo in Seattle at the Filson Store.
  • September 17 – Book Dinner in Seattle at Il Corvo
  • September 21 – Presentation on How to Get the Most from Your Venison and book signing in Boise at the Boise Public Library
  • September 22 – Beer & Books in Boise at Edge Brewing.
  • September 23 – Book Dinner in Jackson Hole, WY at The Rose
  • September 25 – Book Dinner in Red Lodge, MT at the Ox Pasture
  • September 27 – Book Dinner in Denver at Old Major
  • September 28 – Demo and Book Dinner in Boulder at Blackbelly Butcher.
  • September 29 – Book Dinner in Colorado Springs at Till
  • October 1 – Book Signing in Salt Lake City at King’s English Bookshop


  • October 5 – Book Dinner in Chicago at Perennial Virant
  • October 6 – Book Dinner in Milwaukee at Dan Dan Noodles
  • October 7 – Book and Beer Dinner in Cedarburg, WI at the Fermentorium
  • October 9 – Book Dinner in Madison at Forequarter
  • October 10 – Book Dinner in Minneapolis at The Salt Cellar
  • October 15 – Book Dinner in Buffalo at Black Sheep
  • October 16 – Book Dinner in Pittsburgh at Eleven
  • October 18 in Cleveland TBD
  • October 19 – Book Dinner in Okemos, MI at Red Haven
  • October 20 – Book Dinner in Imlay City, MI at Mulefoot Gastropub
  • October 21 – Detroit Athletic Club (private event)
  • October 22 – Book Dinner in Grand Rapids at Founder’s Brewery


  • October 25 – Book Dinner in Oklahoma City at Ludivine 
  • October 27 – Book Dinner in Des Moines at Proof
  • November 7 – Book Dinner in Austin at Dai Due
  • November 9 – Book Dinner in San Antonio at Cured
  • November 10 – Cooking Demo and Book Signing at Hotel Emma



  • December 10 – Book Dinner in Cape Girardeau, MO at Celebrations
  • December 11 in St. Louis – VENUE TBD
  • December 12 – Presentation on How to Get the Most from Your Venison and book signing in Kansas City at the Gorman Discovery Center


Once we get to 2017, I plan on events in the following cities:

  • Dallas
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Atlanta
  • Phoenix
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • Fargo, ND
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Oxford, MS
  • Raleigh, NC

All of these events are a work in progress. In some cases, I am still hammering out details and will announce venues and events as they firm up. But for the most part, you should be able to reserve seats already for the September and October events, even though details and costs of the dinners are TBD — I will plug them in on this post, as well as here on Facebook, as soon as I get those details.

Either I or a local bookstore will be selling copies of Buck Buck Moose at every event, and I will also have a limited number of copies of my earlier books, as well as Buck Buck Moose and Hunter Angler Gardener Cook t-shirts and hoodies for sale at the events, too. You can get a look at some of the styles here.

Once I am on the road, you can follow my travels in any one (or more) of several ways:

I am getting really stoked about this tour. There will be a ton of amazing venison to be eaten, adventures to be had, old friends to see again and new ones to meet for the first time.

Are you with me?

2 responses to “Classes, Events, Appearances”

  1. Greg

    Been thinking about trying to get you to brained mn as part of the tour of for another event. Couple of us here are wild rice gathers and thought you might be interested in harvesting the grain and finding out about some local recipes. This is the real hand harvested wild Rice not that stuff you get from the paddy in CA. We have a local processor who does our processing the same day we bring it in. Our season is the last week or two of August and the first week of September. A typical day in the marsh will yield about 100-200lbs of rice with a yeld of 40-45 % finished rice. Wild ricng is a dying art form with some real characters sharing stories, labor, beer and bullshit at the landing after closing hour. Rail hunting season opens the September 1 and there are usually lots of em in the rice beds. We also have tons of fishing opportunities if you’re I interacted.
    Take care, greg Kvale [email protected]

  2. Doug Pineo


    Hank, you should not miss this. Real wild rice, which we always keep on hand, is a phenomenally wonderful food, harvested largely by the people who have been eating it for thousands of years. For me, it’s just so tasty. No rave claims for its health or nutritional benefits, others already did that. Not really much legit comparison with that dark brown farmed “wild rice”.

    Also totally mystified why no tour stop at Auntie’s Book Store in Spokane, with so many thousands of deer hunters in eastern Washington and north Idaho. Big market, almost 3/4 of a million people. Great restaurant and brewing, distilling and budding charcuterie town these days as well. Maybe next time.

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