Ancient Roman Mustard

This is the mother of all Italian mustard, an ancient Roman recipe that combines mustard with nuts and vinegar for…

How to Make Mustard

I've been making mustard at home for years, but many people don't realize that making mustard is super easy -- and can be as varied as your imagination. Do it yourself and you might never buy mustard again.

Honey Mustard Duck Wings

Football food, people. Or party appetizers, whatever. Honey mustard wings are addictive and will make you save the wings on your ducks and pheasants forever more...

Pickled Mustard Greens

Ever since I began studying Chinese food some years ago, I noticed how much fermented and pickled foods factor into…

How to Make Mustard

I've been making mustard at home for years, but until I had a conversation with another food blogger last week, I never realized that making mustard is a mystery to most. It shouldn't be.

Ancient Roman Mustard

The Romans are the first to be credited with making mustard in the way we know it today. Earlier civilizations,…

Basic Country Mustard

What could be easier than making your own mustard? No, really. It is stupid easy. Grind some mustard seeds, mix…

Smoked Duck Soup

There is a problem with smoked duck: You have spent all this time to smoke a duck or goose, but most of the best meat is in the breast. After you eat that, what then? Make this soup. It makes the best use of the leftovers and is easy to make.

Hunt Gather Talk Episode 5: All About Rabbits

In this episode of Hunt Gather Talk, I talk with Chef Randy King of Idaho, a friend and hunting partner of mine, about all things rabbit: From hunting and cleaning them to cooking techniques, so-called "rabbit sickness" and especially the unloved jackrabbit.

Carbonnade Flamande

Belgian carbonnade flamande is one of that nation's great gifts to world cuisine. It's a dark, rich stew or braise that has a hint of sweet-sour-salty-spicy going on -- and it's fantastic with deer, elk or moose.

Venison Burgers

Venison burgers. Pretty much anyone who hunts (or eats) deer makes them. Here's some of the art and science to making as close to a "perfect" burger as you can make, as well as my baseline recipe for great venison burgers.

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Inspired by a beef-and-mushroom burger I made, this version, with venison and morel mushrooms, is even better! Venison and mushrooms are a natural combination.