Wild Duck Jerky or Goose Jerky

Who doesn't love jerky? Good jerky - dry but not brittle, spicy but not overpowering - is God's gift to road food. Once made, this wild duck jerky will keep for months.

Pine Nut Ice Cream

Pine nuts from America's Great Basin are among the best in the world. Combine them with some desert wildflower honey I bought in Arizona and you have one spectacular ice cream.

How to Make Smoked Duck

If you have never smoked a duck before you really ought to. Duck and goose lend themselves to the caresses of smoke: They're rich, fatty and are wonderful as leftovers in sandwiches.

Duck Jerky

Who doesn’t love jerky? I mean, really. It is a staple in the duck blind, and duck or goose jerky…

Cooking Goose Meat

Canada geese get a bad rap. Sky carp. Stinky, arrogant hissing birds. Yeah, Canadas can be nasty. But cooking a real, wild, Canada goose offers pleasures other waterfowl simply lack.

Venison Charcuterie

For me, charcuterie is the endgame of every successful hunt, but each animal needs a different treatmeant: sausages, cured whole cuts, salami, etc. This is what I did with my deer from Catalina.

Bacon, Jerky, Hams, etc

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How to Make Venison Ham

I present to you: mocetta. It was my first-ever dry-cured ham, and it does not come from a pig. This…

Ground Venison Recipes

This is my catch-all category for ground venison recipes, that “deer burger” you processor gives you in plastic tubes, or…

Duck Recipes and Goose Recipes

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