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Welcome to Hunt Gather Talk, Season Three. This season will focus entirely on fish and seafood, freshwater and salt. Think of this as the podcast behind my latest cookbook, Hook, Line, and Supper, which covers all things aquatic.

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I am happy to be working with two title sponsors, E-Fish and Filson. These will be the only two commercial sponsors of the show, a move I’ve made to keep things as uncluttered as possible. I happen to already wear a lot of both Filson and I love what the folks at E-Fish are doing, so it’s a natural fit.

Every episode of Season Three will dig deep into some aspect of the fish and seafood world, from prep and how to sessions to sustainability and the farmed vs. wild debate, to how fish and seafood plays into other world cuisines, to episodes on specific kinds of fish. 

In this episode, I talk with Andrew Tsui of the Ike Jime Federation discuss the ike jime method of killing fish cleanly. I’ve always been fascinated in it, as this is the method most used for sushi fish. We go into how it works, how to do it, and how to get started with your own fish. 

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I have brought back Hunt Gather Talk with the hopes that your generosity can help keep it going season after season. My two sponsors help things a lot, but you are the third leg of the stool. Think of this like public radio, only with hunting and fishing and wild food and stuff. No, Hunt Gather Talk won’t be a “pay-to-play” podcast, so you don’t necessarily have to chip in. But I am asking you to consider it. Every little bit helps to pay for editing, servers, and, frankly to keep the lights on here. Thanks in advance for whatever you can contribute!


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  1. You talked about waiting to eat the fish and in the YouTube video she waited a day to eat it. I was curious about how long I should wait to eat the fish. I mostly fish freshwater trout,bass,panfish. Also, is there any reading I could do on the subject you would recommend. I can’t thank you enough hank for what you do. You have truly changed for the better my approach to fishing, hunting and cooking wild hang
    Thanks again!

    1. Alex: Look up the Ike Jime Federation, they have stuff. And you wait a day for the fish to get through rigor. It’s like beef, only much faster. And thanks for the kind words!

  2. After fishing for hours, one finally finds a school of fish feeding, and one does not want to waste even minutes dealing with a caught fish during this limited time. How much would putting a fish on a stringer and back in the water until bite is off before Iki Jime decrease meat quality?

  3. Hank,
    This will be an excellent addition to all that you do for us. I often encourage friends to buy your Buck Buck Moose and your other books and will often show pics of venison I’ve cooked on my grill. Yes, please forge ahead with this new project. I’ll look forward to the next chapter in two weeks.