Deviled Duck Hearts

A quick, easy and tasty way to enjoy the fruits of your waterfowl hunt. Deviled duck hearts are a British thing, and they're hearts, dusted in flour seasoned with mustard and cayenne, cooked quickly and served with a watercress salad. A damn good appetizer or snack.

How to Render Duck or Goose Fat

Learning how to render duck fat isn't hard, but there are a few tricks to know. Here's how I do it with both wild or farmed ducks and geese. We also have a new video showing you the process.

Grilled Duck Breast

Grilled duck breast - or in this case grilled specklebelly goose breast - is a bedrock skill for any waterfowler. But it can be tricky, depending on how fat your birds are. Here's how to go about it without ruining your grill.

Duck Sausages, Hunter’s Style

This is a very traditional recipe for duck sausages, made with caraway, juniper and sage. It works very well with "off" ducks like spoonies, snow geese, diver or sea ducks, or Canada geese.

Honey Sriracha Duck Legs

Honey Lime Sriracha Duck Legs. You want these, yes you do. This is a party appetizer, snack or Paleo bonanza that has it all: Sweet. Sour. Spicy. Savory. Crispy. Make more than you think you can eat, and you will see the limits of your stomach...

Classic Duck Ragu

This is an Italian classic, sugo d'anatra, or duck ragu. It's a meaty pasta sauce that uses slow-cooked duck legs or wings for the meat, and is damn good with any pasta or polenta, but especially good with pumpkin-ricotta gnocchi.

Slow Roast Duck

This is the OG method of roasting a duck, the Old School way that will give you crispy skin, but a fully cooked breast meat. I only roast ducks this way when they're a) really fat, and b) I feel like making a kick-ass sauce. Got a fat duck? Roast it this way.

How to Cook Duck Breasts

This is a fundamental skill everyone who cooks duck or goose should know, especially if you are a hunter. Cooking a duck breast is like cooking a steak. A steak wearing a hat made of bacon!

Beer Sauce with Duck

Duck breast. Beer. Wild berries. What's not to love? This is an original recipe very, very loosely inspired by an Icelandic dish that uses beer and malt (or beer) vinegar as the main component in the sauce. It's one of the first times I've used beer this way, and it won't be the last.

Honey Mustard Duck Wings

Football food, people. Or party appetizers, whatever. Honey mustard wings are addictive and will make you save the wings on your ducks and pheasants forever more...

Italian Giblet Bolognese

Nothing is wasted in classical Italian cuisine, including the giblets of birds. This is a venerable variant of the traditional Bolognese sauce made with the hearts, livers and gizzards of ducks or chickens. A great use for giblets -- and an easy one to serve the skeptical.

Duck Stir Fry with Scallions

This is a classic Chinese stir fry with easy-to-find ingredients that I make with wild duck or goose -- specifically snow geese, sea ducks or divers. Yes, you can eat them and in this recipe you'd never know they're not "good ducks."