Duck Tacos

Duck or goose confit, chopped and stuffed in a taco, served with special salsa verde. So good.

On Eating Snow Geese

Too many hunters hate on snow geese. They are not "sky carp." They are more like flying grass-fed beef. Here's how to cook them.

Duck a L’Orange

Julia Child's classic recipe for duck a l'orange, made with a very fat mallard. This is the recipe that made this dish so famous 50 years ago.

Shredded Goose with Lemon

A Spanish goose recipe where you slow-cook the goose, shred the meat and serve it with lots of lemon. A great recipe for snow geese or Canada geese.

Snow in Winter

Winter is a dark time, short days, cold weather. So I thought I'd make a dish that revels in this, something dark and brooding... and delicious. I present to you, Snow in Winter.

Goose Pastrami

If there is one perfect recipe for Canada goose breasts, this is it. Pastrami. Cured like corned beef, then coated in coriander and black pepper and smoked.

Teriyaki Duck Legs

Easy to make, lip-smacking teriyaki duck legs, finished on the grill. The trick is to braise the duck or, in this case specklebelly goose legs, until they're tender, then get them sticky and charred over coals.

Smoked Duck Soup

There is a problem with smoked duck: You have spent all this time to smoke a duck or goose, but most of the best meat is in the breast. After you eat that, what then? Make this soup. It makes the best use of the leftovers and is easy to make.

Teal in a Jar

Teal, cooked in a Mason jar? You bet. It's a great method that works well not only with Southwest flavors. Great for parties, too.

10 Ways to Eat Sea Ducks

If there is a more unloved game bird than the sea duck, I don't know what it is. Treated as if they were puddle ducks, they earn that bad rep. But take them as they are and sea ducks can be good eating. Here's what you need to know.

Easy Roast Duck Legs

I love duck confit, but it can take a while to make. This is an easier way. If you roast duck legs with this method, you will get the same effect as confit but in less time. Meltingly tender meat with crisp skin. Do this recipe with either duck legs or goose legs.