Venison Soup

A hearty venison soup based off a classic Scotch broth, with barley, turnips, carrots -- and an ingredient dear to the Scots, fresh chopped nettles.

Swedish Pickled Herring

Herring and sardines spoil so fast that most of us eat them already salted or pickled. Here's how to make pickled herring from fresh fish caught from the San Francisco Bay.

Duck Gizzards Confit

This is my favorite way to eat duck or goose gizzards. Sliced thin and tossed with a simple saute of wild mushrooms -- I mostly use chanterelles or hedgehogs -- it's a killer dish.

Squid Ink Risotto

I've compiled more than 325 recipes on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, many I've never actually blogged about. Starting today, I will be featuring a few of my favorites every month.

Roast Woodcock: A Dream Fulfilled

I finally get a chance to cook woodcock, thanks to a friend who traded some to me recently. This is the most sought-after game bird in America - and for good reason.

French Consommé

Making your own wild game stock sets you on the path to mastering game cookery, but making wild game consomme puts you on the path to becoming a Jedi Master of wild game. This stuff is mind-blowing!

Retro-Fabulous Saturday Pheasant

Saturday chicken was one of my favorite dinners growing up. I had no idea how my mum made it, and when I asked, I was appalled... yet strangely excited. I had to make it.

How to Make Mustard

I've been making mustard at home for years, but until I had a conversation with another food blogger last week, I never realized that making mustard is a mystery to most. It shouldn't be.

Hunting Sharptail Grouse

A year ago my friend Chris and I hunted ruffed grouse in Minnesota. Since then we've decided to chase every grouse species in North America -- this year's quarry? Sharptails in North Dakota.

How to Make Pici Pasta

I had a few questions about the pici pasta with tomato-fennel sauce I made last week, so I thought I'd do step by step instructions on how to make pici by hand.

Beer Can Pheasant

It's hot. I don't feel like cooking outside much. And I have lots of wild game in the freezer still. What to do? BBQ! Been meaning to try beer can pheasant for a while - and it works!

Sassafras and Homemade Root Beer

On Independence Day, what better wild ingredient to feature than Sassafras? The aromatic bark, leaves and roots were the first plant exported from North America to Europe.