Hunt Gather Talk 7: Ham Curing Basics

In this episode of Hunt Gather Talk, meat maven and culinary professor Bob del Grosso and I talk about curing hams and other whole muscles, like duck or goose breasts, loins, bresaola and smaller, boneless hams.

Hunt Gather Talk Episode 6: Salami Basics

In this episode of Hunt Gather Talk, I talk with my friend Christian Spinillo about getting into the craft of making salami and other dry-cured sausages. We discuss equipment, sanitation, good books to read on the subject, we walk you through the whole process.

Hunt Gather Talk Episode 5: All About Rabbits

In this episode of Hunt Gather Talk, I talk with Chef Randy King of Idaho, a friend and hunting partner of mine, about all things rabbit: From hunting and cleaning them to cooking techniques, so-called "rabbit sickness" and especially the unloved jackrabbit.

Hunt Gather Talk Podcast 4: Early Spring

Spring is here in NorCal. Normally I feel bad about it, almost ashamed. After all, so many of you are still locked in winter, and will be for months. But this is my reality. And I embrace it. In this episode I talk about early spring foraging, the end of hunting seasons and embracing transition in your life.

Hunt Gather Talk Podcast 3

In this episode of the Hunt Gather Talk podcast, we talk about exotic proteins - meats and fish that are delicious but often overlooked. Muskrats, beavers, snakes, turtles, woodchucks, even some weird fish.

Hunt Gather Talk Podcast Episode 2

In this week's podcast, I'm talking mushrooms. Specifically, how to get into mushroom hunting - safely. I talk you through the basics, how to get started, what varieties you will want to look for first, and how not to poison yourself.

Welcome to the Hunt Gather Talk Podcast!

Welcome to the first episode of the Hunt Gather Talk podcast. Stay tuned for a new episode every week or so, on all sorts of topics covering wild food, interviews with other experts, tips and tricks and techniques, and, in this first episode, reader and listener questions.