Hunt Gather Talk: West African Seafood

In this episode, I talk with cookbook author Zoe Adjonyoh about her book Zoe's Ghana Kitchen, and the role of fish and seafood in West African cuisine. This is a cuisine you'll want to get to know.

Hunt Gather Talk: Farmed v. Wild Fish

In this episode, I talk with acclaimed seafood expert and fellow cookbook author Barton Seaver about farmed vs. wild seafood. Hint: Not all farmed seafood is bad.

Hunt, Gather, Talk: Trash Fish

This week's episode is on the unjustly named trash fish, or rough fish. I talk with TV host Scott Leysath and author Tom Dickson about loving the unloved.

Hunt Gather Talk: Desert Quail

We're talking about Gambels, Mearns and scaled quail in this episode, with hunter biologist Kirby Bristow. If you've ever wanted to hunt the desert, you won't want to miss this one!

Hunt Gather Talk: Gamebird Guru

In this episode, I talk with biologist Rocky Gutierrez, the Yoda of game birds. Mountain quail are our focus, but we go into so much more.

Hunt Gather Talk: Pheasants

Everything you need to know about the ring-necked pheasant: how to hunt them, their conservation status and biology, dogs, gear and how to prepare them in the kitchen.

Hunt Gather Talk: Woodcock

I join A.J. DeRosa of Project Upland and Matt Soberg of Covey Rise magazine to talk about hunting and eating woodcock.

Hunt Gather Talk: Scaled Quail

Everything you want to know about scaled quail, also known as blue quail, with biologist and outfitter Ryan O'Shaughnessy.