Hunt Gather Talk: Sea Foraging

Interested in fishing and gathering at the seashore? This episode will "wet" your appetite. I talk with the Sea Forager, Kirk Lombard, all about the often unsung fruits of the seashore.

Hunt Gather Talk: Catch and Release

In this episode of Hunt Gather Talk, we cover everything you want to know about catch and release, especially in freshwater fishing. We bust myths and give you tips on how to release fish safely.

Hunt Gather Talk: All About Spearfishing

In this episode, I talk with spearfisherman Valentine Thomas all about the pursuit. Lots of stories, what it's like to hunt underwater, and how to get started in the sport.

Hunt Gather Talk: Commercial Fishing

We explore both the romance and the realities of commercial fishing. Tyson Fick and I crewed together on a gillnet boat in Alaska, fishing for salmon. We talk about the tough realities of making a living on the water, as well as why we love it so much.

Hunt Gather Talk: Fish Intelligence

In this episode of the Hunt Gather Talk podcast, I talk with Culum Brown, a leading authority on fish intelligence, about what we know about how smart sea creatures are. Spoiler: They're a lot smarter than we thought.

Hunt Gather Talk: Deckhand Stories

In this Hunt Gather Talk podcast episode, we cover the often hilarious-yet-grueling life as a deckhand, as well as how you can be a better fishing charter client.

Hunt Gather Talk: Snapper Heads

Everything you ever wanted to know about snappers, reds, beeliners, you name it, with marine biologist Crystal Hightower. Super fun and informative episode!

Hunt Gather Talk: Fly Curious

I am not a fly angler, and I've never been terribly interested in it. So I called up fly fishing expert April Vokey of Anchored Outdoors to see if she could change my mind. You'll want to hear this one...

Hunt Gather Talk: Ike Jime

I talk with Andrew Tsui of the Ike Jime Federation about this revolutionary way to kill fish cleanly, which is more humane and results in far superior fish for the table.

Hunt Gather Talk: Fish Wizard

This interview with Australian chef Josh Niland, the wunderkind of fish cookery, will change the way you think about fish cookery.

Hunt Gather Talk: Sea to Table

In this episode we talk about new, innovative ways to support American fishermen by buying directly from them, either through a CSA model or through express mail.

Hunt Gather Talk: The Fishmonger

In this episode, I talk with veteran fishmonger Tommy Gomes all about sourcing, selecting, buying and storing fish from the market, and we go into detail about the largely unknown Southern California commercial fishery.