Venison Medallions with Gin and Juniper

This was one of the first venison recipes I ever made, and it's still one of the best, as the flavors of gin, juniper and venison are meant for each other.

Sliced Venison Tongue Salad

I am a huge fan of offal, and this extends to venison. Here's an easy, non-threatening way to use a bit more of the deer you bring home. After all, who doesn't like a little tongue?

Venison Steak Diane

Steak Diane may be retro, but it's a perfect recipe for venison backstraps. Normally made with beef, the "Diane" in the dish is Diana, Roman Goddess of the Hunt. So venison just seemed right...

How to Make Verjus

Verjus, or verjuice, is the juice of unripe grapes. It is a classic French alternative to vinegar, and it is pretty easy to make. Here's how.

Oyster! Oyster! Oyster!

Sometimes I can't do justice to my crazy ideas on the first go-round. Sometimes I need to fail a couple times before I nail the dish. I am happy to say I've nailed "Oyster, Oyster, Oyster."

Duck Fat Hollandaise

Yes, it's true. You can make a classic hollandaise sauce with duck fat. And not just any duck fat - wild duck fat. It's just waiting for asparagus. You know you want some.

Duck Gizzards Confit

This is my favorite way to eat duck or goose gizzards. Sliced thin and tossed with a simple saute of wild mushrooms -- I mostly use chanterelles or hedgehogs -- it's a killer dish.

Roast Woodcock: A Dream Fulfilled

I finally get a chance to cook woodcock, thanks to a friend who traded some to me recently. This is the most sought-after game bird in America - and for good reason.

French Consommé

Making your own wild game stock sets you on the path to mastering game cookery, but making wild game consomme puts you on the path to becoming a Jedi Master of wild game. This stuff is mind-blowing!

Foraging for Blewit Mushrooms

Another foraging trip and another edible mushroom under my belt! Two good stashes of blewits last week gave me a great introduction to this mushroom.

Wild Foie Gras is Real

The foie gras debate centers on whether it's natural and humane: Do waterfowl fatten their own livers in the wild? They do. A liver from a duck I shot recently was so fatty it qualifies as wild foie gras.

How to Make Mustard

I've been making mustard at home for years, but until I had a conversation with another food blogger last week, I never realized that making mustard is a mystery to most. It shouldn't be.