Mushroom Swiss Burger

Inspired by a beef-and-mushroom burger I made, this version, with venison and morel mushrooms, is even better! Venison and mushrooms are a natural combination.

Morel Salad

It is finally morel season here in California, and cooking my first morels of the year reminded me of how much I love this odd-looking mushroom.

Duck Gizzards Confit

This is my favorite way to eat duck or goose gizzards. Sliced thin and tossed with a simple saute of wild mushrooms -- I mostly use chanterelles or hedgehogs -- it's a killer dish.

Foraging for Blewit Mushrooms

Another foraging trip and another edible mushroom under my belt! Two good stashes of blewits last week gave me a great introduction to this mushroom.

How to Identify and Cook Honey Mushrooms

I don't eat unknown mushrooms lightly. But when I spotted these honey mushrooms, I knew, somehow, they were edible. Turns out they're a prime pierogi ingredient, too.

Hunting Oregon Truffles

Think you can imagine the thrill of unearthing a truffle? Sorry, but you can't. Not unless you've panned for gold. Or dug diamonds. It's the same feeling, complete with the whiff of rapacious greed...

Cooking Chanterelle Mushrooms

Chanterelles vie for my favorite mushroom with the great porcini. Chanties are the light to porcini's dark, pheasant not beef, white wine not red. Our season has begun!


One of my favorite things is to gorge on a fresh, seasonal ingredient when it's abundant -- in this case porcini mushrooms. We ate them in a salad, grilled, pureed with venison, and in porcini ravioli.

Foraging Mallow – Hiding in Plain Sight

An offhanded remark leads me down the rabbit hole in search of the mysterious - yet ubiquitous - mallow plant. Who knew how important this weed was to the Eastern Mediterranean?

Venison with Morel Sauce

I am happy to report that the morel mushrooms in this venison steak were not the only ones we found in…