Crab Risotto

We're in the thick of our Dungeness crab season here in California, and crab risotto is one of my favorite things to do with them.

Sicilian Tuna Meatballs

Some days you remember forever. Last week I spent a couple days with a boatful of new friends, 40 miles offshore in search of tuna. We found them. Oh yes, people, we found them...

Italian ‘Glutton’s Style’ Shark

It's summertime, and the fishing is easy. After an epic shark fishing trip in San Francisco Bay, I decided to celebrate summer with a classic Calabrian dish that uses lots of fresh tomatoes.

Simple Grilled Whole Fish

One of the best ways to cook a fish like a bass, rock cod or sea trout is whole. And one of the best ways to cook whole fish is on the grill. Here's how.

Oyster! Oyster! Oyster!

Sometimes I can't do justice to my crazy ideas on the first go-round. Sometimes I need to fail a couple times before I nail the dish. I am happy to say I've nailed "Oyster, Oyster, Oyster."

Swedish Pickled Herring

Herring and sardines spoil so fast that most of us eat them already salted or pickled. Here's how to make pickled herring from fresh fish caught from the San Francisco Bay.

Squid Ink Risotto

I've compiled more than 325 recipes on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, many I've never actually blogged about. Starting today, I will be featuring a few of my favorites every month.

Beachcomber’s Risotto

Sometimes foraging, fishing and clamming at the seaside only results in a few of anything - clams, crabs, fish, etc. What to do? Make a mixed seafood meal.

How to Make Caviar

Caviar has always had a hold on me. It is a mysterious ingredient, almost otherworldy; the individual eggs look like jewels…

Six Days of Salmon

Salmon, especially king salmon, are the pigs of the aquatic world. Large, fatty, with significant differences in flavor from cut…

Boneless Tempura Shad

Unless you are an eater of American shad, that giant river-running herring anglers greet eagerly every spring, you might not fully…

Grilled Fish Collars

Fish collars? What, you may be asking, is this strange thing? I bet you didn’t even know fish had necks, let alone donned formal…