Reflections on Catfish

Catfish swim through a murky stream of race, class and regional rivalry. No other fish in North America defines where you stand in this world quite so much as the catfish. Eating one can border on being a political act.

Duck Prosciutto

This is one of the easiest charcuterie projects you can undertake, and it has been one of my more popular recipes. But I've learned a lot about making duck prosciutto since I first started doing it in 2007, and there is definitely a difference between good duck ham and great duck ham.

Halibut Fish and Chips

If you don't love fish and chips, you are bad American -- and an even worse Englishman. I love fish and chips so much I make them at home, and have tinkered with my beer batter and my choice of fish for years. I think I've come pretty close to perfecting it.

Wild Ginger Ice Cream

A surprisingly wonderful ice cream from a surprisingly wonderful wild plant. Wild ginger grows on the forest floors of much of the United States, and, when eaten in moderation, is different - yet just as good - as the ginger you buy in the store.

Grilled Quail, South Carolina Style

Quail are one of the best game birds for the grill, and respond well to either high heat grilling or slow-and-low barbecue. Here I barbecue them slowly, basted with a South Carolina-style mustard sauce.

Elderflower Fritters

Elderflower fritters are wonderful, but most recipes for them have a serious flaw: They simply dip the flower heads in batter, leaving the toxic stems attached. How to fix that problem? Make a beignet instead.

How to Preserve Garlic

Garlic is available all year long, so why preserve it? This is why. This method for preserving garlic in oil will change your life. Imagine having roasted garlic at hand whenever you want. Yes, imagine it.

Thai Fish Curry

One of the best things to make when you have firm fish such as shark, swordfish or sturgeon is a stew. And in summer, I love me some Thai green curry when I catch sharks and sturgeon.

Grilled Deer Heart with Peppers

Grilled venison heart. Yep, you heard me right. And don't look away. It's as awesome as it looks. High heat, great meat and a good marinade are the keys.

Morel Mushroom Risotto

I make a lot of risotto, but I love mushroom risotto most of all. This is what I do when life gives me a basket of pretty fresh morels, and life's been good to me this season.

Bison Bresaola

Bresaola, an Italian air-cured eye round or loin, is normally done with beef. But it works with any large animal, in this case a bison.

Perfect Seared Fish

Searing fish perfectly is a skill any cook should have, especially if you catch your own fish. I've been cooking fish this way for close to 30 years, both professionally and at home. Here's how to sear a fish, step by step.