Seared Canada Goose Breast

This is the best Canada goose breast recipe if you want to eat it like a steak or a London broil. Reverse seared goose breast sliced thin and served simply.

Dry Aging: How and Why

How to dry age meat, specifically venison, at home, and why you would want to give it a go.

Fried Pheasant

Yes, you fry pheasants! Here's a recipe for pickle-brined, fried pheasant you'll love. Works great with grouse and partridge, too.

Venison 101: The Video Class

I've teamed up with GoHunt to create a video masterclass on how to cook venison. This 13-unit class teaches you basic butchering, key cooking methods and some signature recipes.

Butternut Squash Bread

My take on the classic, butternut squash bread is like pumpkin bread: A semi-sweet, breakfast type quickbread studded with pepitas.

Homemade Braunschweiger

How to make German braunschweiger sausage at home. Braunschweiger is a liver sausage that is then smoked. Pork plus bird livers are a great option.

Barley Risotto

Barley risotto is an earthy, hearty variant on traditional rice risotto. My recipe uses barley, stock, cheese and shredded grouse.

Smoked Bison Brisket

Bison brisket can be as good as beef, but you have to have patience. Here's how to go about it.

Fig Bread

A semi-sweet, moist fig and nut bread that's great for breakfast or a snack; it's a hybrid fig bread and fig cake. Walnuts add a nice crunch.

Tacos al Carbon

Tacos al carbon are just carne asada tacos cooked over charcoal; carbon means charcoal in Spanish. These are Sonoran style tacos al carbon made with venison.

Spicy Pickled Okra

How to make spicy pickled okra. Pickling okra is easy, but there are a few tips to make sure your pickles are crunchy.

Hamachi Sashimi

Hamachi sashimi is easy to make and wonderful to eat. Hamachi is yellowtail, and other jacks, wahoo or tuna can be used here.